Beating Procrastination

Procrastination, as we all know or do hear, is a thief of time. It’s when you postpone things you should do at the time stipulated for it. Most of us are guilty of this attitude, which is probably due to laziness or tiredness. No one wants anyone/anything to ‘steal’ his/her time, therefore procrastination should be beaten off.

In order to combat Procrastination, you should;

  1. Make a list of the goals you want to achieve daily. At the beginning of each week, make a to-do list of the tasks you want to be done with for the next week, and then sort them out into daily tasks. When you finish the task for a day, stop working for that day.
  2. Do not stop working until you’re done with the task. You have a list already, try as much as possible to finish the work in a day before taking any rest.
  3. Dissolve tasks. The breeding grounds of procrastination are large and vague tasks. Dissolve larger tasks into actionable chunks. You might be discouraged when the work is a whole lot, so you should reduce the tasks into smaller ones, which at the same time will get the work done.
  4. Obey your to-do list. Do not add extra tasks to your daily goals because you think you can handle them all at once. Procrastinating doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lazy, it could just signify your internal energy source running low. Don’t overwork yourself.
  5. Self-discipline. This is one attribute that’s important to possess. A chronic procrastinator can be likened to a lazy fellow. Be self-determined to do what you’re meant to do, and gradually, you will beat out procrastination.
  6. Motivate yourself. There are so any quotes discouraging procrastination. You could get one or more on your desktop or use as your screen saver, so that when you feel like inviting this ‘thief’, you will see the quote and snap out of it.
  7. No distraction. Being distracted by T.V or discussions could make you procrastinate as you might find the distraction more interesting. Get rid of distractions like the Television, video games, mobile phone, etc.

Finally, add something fun to your routine, maybe playing a song you like and singing along. If you procrastinate still, after efforts to stop, access the whole thing, maybe such things doesn’t inspire you anymore.

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