The departure from little things

Yaaay, Happy August!! Not achieved any of your set goals for the year? There are 5 months left and a whole lot can take place within that period, so don’t lose hope, you’re not alone, God will make everything beautiful in His own time. His time isn’t according to ours, He knows and wants the best for us (Jeremiah 29:11) so why not wait for this beautiful time when everything would just be perfect.
Okay, so it’s a new month and I have something important to share. The key point for this morning’s devotional was “Until there is a departure from the little things, there will be no discovery of greater things”. As I read that, a lot of instances and meaning rushed through my mind. What are these little things? They are things we place too much value on that aren’t Invaluable. There are so many things we cloud our minds with that are apparently not worth it. Let’s make better use of the rest of the year by shifting our focus from these little things. Letting go isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s the recognition of the fact that there are better days ahead(greater things to come). You’ve been disappointed and jilted, the more you hold the grudge, the farther greater and better things are. Emotions aren’t sinful but tragic when it takes a better hold of oneself.
Have you noticed business men? Noticed how they place little or no value on material things? They would ask you, “is this thing going to appreciate and bring money back into my pocket?” most times, you would wonder if they really have this thing called money or they just don’t like themselves. Far from it, they desire these flashy and expensive things too, but then, they understand that these things are of little (or no) value and they would rather spend their money on things that will bring more money back to their pockets. These things aren’t sinful, it should be done in moderation.
It shouldn’t surprise us that Jesus made our attitude to money or what it can buy one of the tests of our commitment to him. “The love of money is the root of all evils” – I dont think He’s implying possessing money is the root of all evils, but the mind being clouded with it. That’s why ritualists are evil, all they have in mind is money and so they engage in activities that spell evil.
Let’s dwell on heavenly things, nothing else is greater. Let these little things be, they are not worth the struggle. No matter how we much toil, when Jesus isn’t involved, its nothing. Jesus can only get involved when we place greater importance on Him and His Word.
Ponder on this, what are those little things that are disrupting the discovery of greater things? Unforgiveness? Love of money? Love for material things? Where is your treasure? You want to discover greater things, let them go, get close to Jesus, there’s no other way.


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