5 Challenges Most Young Writers Face

Let me start by admitting I face most of these challenges and I’m making efforts to get past them. Most times, I don’t even consider myself a writer, because I get stuck on what to write about. But then, there is something we’re all good at, at least, something! Writing has always been that thing for me, the times I get stuck on ideas, I wonder why I’m not good at something else. There are other things I enjoy doing (hobbies), but there’s this feeling I get when I write (joy, maybe). The moment I don’t know what else to write, I wonder if I am really good at it.

Yeah! I made my research and guess what? There are even more challenges other than the ones I encounter most writers face too. Please, just imagine how relieved I felt.  No one wants to plagiarize other people’s work/ideas, we all love this content creation too.

This is just a way of letting you know no matter how skillful and experienced you may seem at a particular field, challenges are inevitable. What is needed is the recognition of the fact that this challenges will present themselves and the right ways to tackle them should be discovered. Challenges have been known to mould and train, who doesn’t want to get better?

Well, here are some of the challenges young writers face;

  1. You don’t know what to write about

This is probably the most rampant one, most times, you want to get a pen and just start flowing, but then, you have no idea what to write about. I’ve experienced this a lot. How I’ve been dealing with it…I believe there is something we are all passionate about (writing about some basic topics), so I read a lot on topics I find interest in, gain more ideas which helps when I decide to get writing.

  1. Procrastination

You have an idea of what you want to write about, but then, the TV show mustn’t be missed, the chats must be replied to as soon as possible or you’re just too lazy to put it down yet, so you postpone till you probably can’t even remember a particular valid point that came to mind initially. Trust me, you’re not alone, but you should get past it. Make time for writing and don’t cheat when it’s time, it could be for 30 minutes each day, put something down, it could be 100 words per day. Just stop procrastinating.

  1. You are inconsistent

Maybe you have little or no time for your personal life, and you know/have heard that consistency is key in writing, so you decide not to venture into it till further notice. This consistency is one thing I’ve been dealing with, especially in this blogosphere. Consistency is very important if you have something like a blog. Picking up the journal for a few moments each day is one way that curbs inconsistency. I believe we make time for the things that are a priority, so if writing becomes one, you will make the time.

  1. Negativity and lack of confidence

Most times, after writing a good piece, I get scared of publishing and wonder who would read, what people would think or if I would be criticized. Writing takes courage, to say what needs to be said and shared, regardless of what people think. Your words have the ability to inspire, to comfort and to even save lives. What should stop you?


  1. “My voice doesn’t matter”

There are millions of writers and bloggers out there, why do you think your voice doesn’t matter? If everyone thought that way, there wouldn’t be a blog(s)  you check regularly or books that inspire you. You have to desist from comparing yourself to others and the fact that there are millions of writers doesn’t imply your opinion won’t count. You have a unique voice and trust me, it matters!

Know of any other challenge young writers face? Tell me about it in the comments section. Thanks for reading.


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