5 Ways To Get Closer To God

Year by Year, most people resolve to get closer to God by studying His word daily and praying without ceasing, it’s not far from the truth that as it works for some others just fine, some others find themselves straying away from the resolution, sooner or later, of course not deliberately, but the closeness to God isn’t concrete yet.

For about two years now, I’ve planned to study the whole Bible by following a daily reading plan, it went well for about a month, (a month out of twelve!), and I just stopped, just like that. But I’m on it now and it’s going on fine. I sort of disciplined myself.

BibleConcerning prayer, it’s a part of me. I practically do that every time, yielding to the advice that it doesn’t have to be in a secluded place only, but anywhere, as long as one’s heart is connected to God. So, I could just find myself in the midst of a lot of people discussing and pray still. It’s been one way I’ve been able to make prayer a part of me.

Now, does prayer and fasting mean you are close to God? Or are they means to get close to God? The truth is praying, studying God’s word and fasting isn’t easy expect there’s a relationship with God first. There has to be some kind of connection between the individual and God. How do you get close to Him and then develop a lifestyle of constant prayer and studying God’s word?

  1. Develop a burning desire

In as much as God wants us close to Him, He’d never force anyone, we all have a choice and He has given us the understanding to choose the right one, through sermons and all sort. So, develop that desire to know him more. It’s the starting point. Moreover, we go for what we desire.

  1. Understand that Jesus is the way.

Jesus acknowledged himself as the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father, except by Him. Little wonder we commence a prayer with “in Jesus’ Name”. We surrender our lives to Jesus who in turn leads us to the Father. Its only through Jesus we can get close to God, He’s our advocate. So, develop a relationship with Jesus by surrendering your life to Him.

  1. Create the right atmosphere

You love reading?Buy Christian literature, love listening to music? There are lots of anointed gospel musicians to listen to, enjoy seeing movies? Watch Christian movies. Try as much as possible to listen to messages too, God could speak to you in any way. The most important thing is to create an environment that appeals to God.

  1. Keep the right company

Sooner or later, the friends you keep will have an impact in your life, which could be positive or negative. Read 1 Corinthians 15:33. Stay away from friends that would lead you astray in any form. The truth is not everyone you meet in your place of worship will be a good company to keep, the best thing is to be watchful and sensitive, you would know a bad friend, likewise a good one.

  1. Have a spiritual parent

This could be your Pastor or anyone that is grounded in Christ. He or she will guide you in the Christian journey. Ideally, he or she must be someone you could reach out to easily and someone you admire. This will make it easier to follow suit.

6.   Get a devotional and study

It’s one thing to buy a devotional, studying it daily is another. There are a lot of them written by anointed men of God. Get one and study daily. Most devotionals have Bible reading plans, get a journal and make jottings. God draws Himself unto those that make the move first.

God wants us all to get closer to Him, even though its a choice. It all starts with a burning desire and making the right choices, then He steps in.

P.S: Compliments of the Season! How was Christmas? Mine was great, spent most of the time in Church. How did you spend yours?



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