Why God Hasn’t Answered Your Prayers (Yet)

It is very disheartening when we don’t receive answers to prayers, we begin to wonder if prayers are actually even necessary at all, most times, we doubt and question our relationship with God. Have you ever had to question God’s words in Matthew 7:7, “ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”? Or even in Isaiah 65:24, “…before they call, I will answer; while they are yet speaking, I will hear”? When we don’t get answers to our requests, we begin to wonder if he has ignored us.

The devil deceives the believers by making them doubt the faithfulness of God in answering prayers. The truth, which we all are aware is that God’s plan for us are of good, Jeremiah 29:11, He knows and wants the best for us. But why does he reject some prayers or delay in answering them? Because of some series of unanswered prayers, most people begin to blame God and make it seem as if God hasn’t fulfilled his own part of the bargain. This isn’t pleasing to Him. This was why he rebuked Job soundly when he accused God, he was clouded with his difficulties which blinded him at that point from seeing how God really loved him.

Have you ever wondered the mystery behind God’s silence? Or the delay? Here are some reasons:


God’s will is paramount in every facet of our lives, he definitely will not answer you when your requests doesn’t align with his plans and purpose which is of good. Most times, the way that seems right to us could be very dangerous, but we don’t know. So, when we pray earnestly for this “dangerous way”, he will definitely not grant the request. 1 John 5:14- “If we ask anything according to His will, he heareth us”. This means every of our answered prayers are God’s will.

Job was sorrowful and prayed to God to take his life, what if God had answered? Knowing the mind of God guides us to pray the right way. Asking God for His will is more important than millions of requests we could ever ask, because His will are just too wonderful and amazing.


God never listens to the prayers of an unforgiving heart. 1 Peter 2:1-2- “Lay aside all malice, envy, and evil speaking, and as newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word”. When we lodge grudges in our hearts against others, it is difficult for God to answer you, He dwells in a pure heart and the prayers of a pure heart, He will definitely answer.

God despises these acts of jealousy, bitterness and uncharitableness against one another, He takes it seriously, and that’s why a single act of grudge lodged in the heart disrupts prayers from being answered.


Your plans can’t possibly be greater than God’s, right?  Definitely, he has bigger plans in store when there is a delay. That’s why it is better to just ask for His will, rather than pray for what He doesn’t want for us. Take for example, you’re praying to become a governor of a state, but then you lose the election. Generally, you lose hope and begin to question God’s ability to answer prayers, you resort to thinking God has ignored you. Then, you run for the presidential election and you win. That’s just a typical example, God’s plans are way better than ours, we just have to pray earnestly and wait for it.


Prayer is the only weapon we have against the plans of the devil, and if doubt sets in, we rob ourselves of the answers to them. Most times, we pray and then just after pouring our hearts to God, we then begin to wonder if it’s possible for our prayers to be answered, that’s simply doubt and a hindrance to answered prayers. He only listens to believing prayers. Mark 11:22-24 explains how strong our faith should be. Doubt is a joy killer, it just deprives us from answered prayers.


Bringing it down to the human level, if you asked someone to get something done and he or she refuses, would you listen to the person when he comes begging for a need? It is that simple, God doesn’t listen to the prayers of people that disobey him.  Read Psalm 66:18 and Proverbs 1:24-26.

What are His commands? Read Exodus 20:1-17


He commanded us to pray without ceasing in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, not because he hasn’t heard us the first time, but he wants to know how much we are willing to thirst for what we ask for. You know that belief that whatever you get easily, you don’t appreciate?  Also, in Luke 18:1, he said we ought to always pray and not faint.  John 16:24 enjoins us to pray that our joy may be full, in other words, we should keep praying until we are contented with what we have. I don’t think anyone is contented yet, we all aspire to grow and have more. So, a minute prayer about a need doesn’t show seriousness, it has to be persistent.


Read Matthew 17:21. There are some cases that just needs you denying yourself all kinds of pleasure and seeking him. Why? There are a lot of unseen battles we find as individuals and we need a lot of spiritual power to break through.


Let’s face it, God is all powerful and he can do whatever he wants. What if he has said “Yes” to that prayer, but you’re yet to do your part of the job. You want to perform better, how much do you read? You can’t dwell on your former reading timetable, of course. You just have to back up your prayers with practical efforts. I love 2 Thessalonians 3:10, no one should eat if he or she would not work.

WHAT’S THE MOTIVE BEHIND THE PRAYERS? To satisfy selfish desires? Of course, He will turn deaf ears. James 4:3

God will not bring down His standard for any man, He’s no respecter of persons. His laws are simple and those that love them will have great peace. Psalm 119:165.

Pray the right Way.

Ps: Who knows the full meaning of YAHOO?? I found out it is “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”

pps: After reading a post on Oreoluwa’s blog  (check out her amazing blog) on the Five Youversion devotionals to study, I decided to go for it and I am loving it! So, please add me, “Atinuke Wale-Awe”, let’s share this pleasant Word of God together.



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