How often should you replace your daily stuff?

Have you ever wondered how long a product should last for, I mean, of course, a product without the expiry date on it? Well, I have and found out how guilty I am. It felt like I’ve been using expired products without even knowing. These little things most people don’t count seriously tell a lot on our health, sooner or later.

For some time, I suffered from a severe toothache that really claimed my peace for a while, both in the day and at night. I would roll on the bed with tears and just sleep off when the ache vanishes. Pain relief drugs were closer than anything else. My dentist sat me down and gave me lectures on how to care for my dentition. Most of the things he said happened to be what I had knowledge of initially, but I just didn’t take precautions. I’m certain most people are aware of the life span of a toothbrush, in fact my mom doesn’t take this lightly, she gets new toothbrushes for everyone after 3 months, so this was obviously not the cause of my toothache, the cause? I don’t know till date. Though, it’s been a year I had any toothache, after practicing tips from the dentist and I’m so grateful!

But truthfully, how many people remember to even replace toothbrush? Lol, this is one thing we use probably still with sleepy eyes. Actually, a reason which could be quite welcoming is the fact that I’m probably on a budget and getting anything whatsoever is more like being “robbed”. Lol . On a serious note, there shouldn’t be an excuse, our health matters. So, what are these stuffs we use daily and how often should they be replaced?

  • ·         Toothbrush

According to the American Dental Association, you should change your toothbrush every 3-4 months.

  • ·         Hair brush

This should be replaced every one to two years. That’s if I don’t misplace it before a year runs out.


  • ·         Make-up brushes

When I saw this, I was like “oh better, ‘cos they aren’t cheap mehn”. Your make up brushes should be replaced with new ones every 3-4 years.

  • ·         Beauty blender

This is actually a budget friendly product, it should be replaced every month. Quite reasonable, I think.

  • ·         Lipstick

This can last up to a year. Lol, time to throw away some lipsticks. I’ve learned my lesson, no more managing, I actually thought I was helping myself.  Lip gloss should be disposed after 6 months though!

  • ·         Sponges

Apparently, you should get a new one every month, but should be cleansed every day.

  • ·     Razor blade

This depends on the number of times it’s been used, after about 5-10 uses, it should be disposed.

  • ·         Mascara

After it has opened, dispose after 3 months. Lol, doesn’t even matter if I don’t use it daily. After these 3 months, bacteria can start to grow inside the tube.

  • ·         Eye make-up

This includes eye shadow, eyeliner and pencil and should be replaced after 3 months. Mascara should have been under this category.

  • ·         Pillows

This probably doesn’t need a life span. As long as it doesn’t suit the neck anymore and you start having neck ache, the pillow needs a replacement.

  • ·         Mattresses

This should be replaced after 8-10 years. Ordinarily, when feelings of discomfort starts, it should be replaced.

So, that’s it guys. I hope you find this helpful. Thanks for reading.

What other products are you aware of? How guilty are you? Please, share your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “How often should you replace your daily stuff?

  1. You started with toothbrush and I was thinking hey I’m good. I buy a new one everytime I by toothpaste. Then after reading the rest, I’m not so good lol. I need to replace a lot of stuffs. I’ve had the same hairbrush since highschool :O
    I’ve learned about razor blades the hard way, old ones are more likely to leave you with shaving bumps. I didn’t know about mascara at all.. imagine bacteria that close to your eyes, too scary.
    Thank you for sharing this Tinuke. I learned a lot.
    Have a great weekend dear 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡


    1. Hi Sauniya,
      Oh really, maybe I should imbibe that too, buy a new toothbrush when I wanna buy the toothpaste.haha! Since high schl, pls change it right now! Lol.
      I know right, too scary. I’m glad you find this enlightening. I really appreciate your comment.
      You too dear 🙂


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