On The Road To Success: 6 Questions You Should Find Answers To.

I stumbled on a picture on Instagram where someone wrote “January was a free trial month, my year starts on the first day of February”, I smiled. Really, that might be the case for most of us- the resolutions and all sort. I guess we spend January making them all up and then we start trashing them out when February starts!

Well, I’m happy to inform you its February! Happy New Month. January 2017 is gone for good and so will the year very soon. I would say I’m one of the few people that will always say “when January is over, the rest of the year starts running.” Who else agrees with me?

I can bet 3 out of every 5 individuals stated Self-development or a related term as one of their goals this year. It’s one thing to make a decision (making up your mind to develop yourself in some way) and it’s another thing to take the necessary actions to make that goal an achievement.

To succeed in life, there are some basic questions to answer to, more like self-reflection. They could be questions you might have come across daily, but how well have you thought about them? What answers have you given to them? February is here and soon, it will be over, but it shouldn’t just end just like that. Let’s make it count. Here are questions to ask yourself and find answers to this month.

  1. Who are you?

The response to this isn’t your name or your likes and dislikes. It’s what you’re made up of, your nature and your reactions and attitudes even when no one is watching. That’s who you are. There are several ways you could find out who you are. One way that has worked for me is keeping a journal, I put down my thoughts and goals. Another way is surrounding yourself with people, your responses, attitude and mode of interaction will tell who you are.

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

We all have strengths and weaknesses, identify them and work on your strengths, develop them more. Focusing on your weaknesses could get the strengths snatched. I’ve always thought I could work on my weaknesses and get better at them. But what happens to my strengths? Leave them on hold? Besides, no one can be perfect. So, define your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. What are your dreams and ideas?

if-you-dream=itThis is one question every aspiring successful person should have an answer(s) to. What do you aspire to become and what ideas and actions would take you there? We all have ideas, most people aren’t just patient enough to think well. Every invention started with an idea, which is mostly a simple one. No matter how it would seem, you have an idea. You also have dreams, where you see yourself in a few years.

  1. What are you good at?

Mind you, this has to be something you love. What’s that skill you have that causes you no stress and comes out beautifully?

passion led us here

  1. How can you make money doing number 4?

You have identified that skill(s) you love doing and are good at. Now, how can you make money out of it? You love writing, write a book, an ebook or you could be a freelance writer. Whatever skill it is, there’s a way it could bring in some cash, discover it.

  1. How can you make your dreams and ideas a reality?

The dreams and ideas you have, how can you make them into achievements? It could be more money you need, it could be dealing with procrastination or it could even be leaving your comfort zone. Whatever it is/they are, identify them.

Finding answers to all these isn’t all. Actions are a must! Take that step and make the rest of 2017 yours!

Thanks for reading.

tinukeaweP.S. Is getting closer to God a part of your goals this year? You should read “5 ways to get closer to God”.

pps. The annual 21-day challenge on the Youversion Bible app starts today, 1st of February. You stand a chance of winning prizes when you read everyday for 21 days and share on social media pages. Check their blog for details.

28 thoughts on “On The Road To Success: 6 Questions You Should Find Answers To.

  1. omg self development is one of my goals for the year, now I feel like such a cliche haha.
    These are great thoughtful questions. I was watching an episode of Oprah Life Class and she was talking about figuring who you are, not in relation to what you do (mother, teacher etc..) but who you are deep inside. I have to say I haven’t stopped thinking about that question and who I want to become.
    I’m trying to figure a way I could make money doing what I love, that would be amazing.
    I loved reading this post Tinuke. Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡


  2. January really was a free trial for me. I can definitely relate with the year starting in February but hey, there’s the rest of the year left to make the best out of and I’m excited for it.

    Because I try to make my goals specific and targeted, I don’t have self-development as a goal in itself but I have a number of self-development goals. I agree with you that making a decision is just a part of the process and taking necessary actions and implementation is a vital part of the process.

    I had my journal with me when I read this so I was able to do this as a workbook type of exercise. These questions do come up numerous times over the course of living and they are insightful and important. I think on them and answer them on a rolling basis. Like you, I have a journal which has been such a priceless tool for self reflection and one of the things I think you notice as you journal is growth, progress and change. I loved taking time out to think on and answer these questions.

    At this crucial stage, it is important to think about them and the journey you’re on. I’m sure I’ll answer them over and again.

    Thanks for writing this up! I particularly appreciate how much work goes into doing this



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