Should You Wash Your New Clothes Before Putting Them On?

During my Youth Service days, my friends and I would go to a shopping mall with the intention of purchasing nice clothes for ourselves. Then, we would pick every outfit that appealed to us, even though we plan on just buying 2 out of the 10 of them, to the dressing room to have a glance of how it would fit on us. I’m certain we weren’t the only ones guilty of that habit.

None of us actually thought we could have contacted some kind of skin infection through that. Even if we did, we would have attributed it to the water used in bathing or some kind of food reaction.

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I’ve never realized the necessity in washing new clothes, I mean, why should I wash new clothes? Except of course, there’s some kind of stain. So, recently I came across an article where the question,”should a new cloth be washed before being put on?”, was raised. Some didn’t see why it should be washed while some others had reasons why it should be.

I don’t have much of a sensitive skin which has saved me from a lot of carelessness or rather trying a range of products on it to see how it reacts (I have no idea why, maybe I should consider being a dermatologist, Lol). Truly, a handful of strangers might have tried the clothes on before I did, I just never thought of the garment being dirty through that. While I was thinking about this, a picture of a sweaty person trying the cloth on came to mind. Oh no!

Reading through some articles relating to the issue, someone’s reason for washing new clothes was far from the clothes being dirty, it wasn’t really about the potential germs from other people but more of what’s in the fabric itself. How? In the process of making the fabric, dyes and chemicals are used which could cause skin irritation, especially for sensitive skin.

Preservatives of some kind are also used when they are being shipped, the reason being to prevent mold from growing on them. You’ll agree with me that these preservatives might not be skin-friendly. Giving your newly purchased clothes a wash could get rid of them.

Speaking of contacting an infection from clothes, experts say the chances are very slim. One could easily get infection through some other acts than putting on each other’s wears. Mind you, the chances are VERY SLIM, prevention is better than cure oh!

Washing your new clothes can save you from skin infection, maybe not because it’s been worn by some random strangers, but mainly because of the dyes, chemicals and preservatives that have been used in the process of making and shipping down the clothes. But the picture of a sweaty person trying the clothes on keeps coming to mind, this alone will make me start washing new clothes.

Do you wash your newly purchased clothes before putting them on? Have you ever contacted some kind of infection through clothes?


17 thoughts on “Should You Wash Your New Clothes Before Putting Them On?

  1. I was just thinking about this yesterday! I always wash new clothes, although I’ve never had any skin problems with anything. My mom would always wash them though so I guess I just adapted and took that over. But as I mentioned I just started thinking about this properly yesterday and if it really is necessary and I’m really torn. I don’t want to wash things excessively since I’m trying to be more mindful, save water and whatnot, but I’m also worried about the chemicals. Then again I suppose some of the things we eat are just as toxic and we put that directly in our bodies. In conclusion, I really don’t know but I think I’ll continue washing things before the first wear (I don’t buy new things all that often anyway). πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hello Diana,
      I know right. So many things we eat are toxic. But well, we should make conscious efforts to live healthy and stick to the healthy lifestyle we’re aware of
      Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Hello!
      Well,i guess that’s an exception, that’s if the person wants to put it on that same day he bought it. But trying it on to see how it fits wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, then he removes it, takes it home and wash, that’s still okay.
      Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


  2. according to dermatologist it takes seconds for infections to enter one’s body especially people with sensitive skin even with that five minutes you said…….but have learnt through this piece I must confess!

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  3. I always love that crisp cool scent that comes from new clothes especially when I get them from the boutique,so I usually don’t wash them before I put them on.But I think I’ll start washing them before putting them on to save myself from having to see a doctor because of an infection I could have avoided by washing a new cloth and it’s not as if the soap will make it less new.

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  4. LOL I definitely don’t be washing any new clothes before wearing them. To me it somehow takes the felling of newness away lol idk and anyway i usually always have to ask for my size from in store because it’s always finished on the rack so i guess that saves me from the sweat from other people trying it on. Great post!

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  5. I wash my new clothes oh, my sis teases the life outta me for washing my new clothes just like Dr Lade she says it somehow takes the feeling of newness away. Lol

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  6. I don’t wash new clothes. And I don’t intend to. I’m not being ignorant of these chemical preservatives or whatnots but for me, I just don’t think it’s necessary. I didn’t know about these chemicals before now but this information doesn’t change anything for me. I mean, I almost always try on new clothes before I purchase them, and I’m so indecisive, the cloth will stay on for almost 10mins after I’ve turned around the mirror a hundred times to see the fitting from all angles.

    So if I already try them on, I can as well just wear them till they get dirty then I wash


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