The Lifestyle Of Worship: 7 Practical Ways It Should Be Done.

In this part of the world, we attribute the art of worship to the slow and solemn songs coupled with the slow waving of hands, is that what worship is all about? It’s true God desires worship from us daily but is it restricted to singing solemn songs with closed eyes? Definitely, this means the non-musical individuals don’t really know how to “worship” God or they’ve not been doing it the right way, which isn’t the case.

The Worship Session has become a routine that has a specific time and probably how it should be done. Most people even bother themselves with how the songs resonates with them, if they aren’t ‘melodious enough’, they say things like “the praise & worship was boring, the chorister didn’t lead well today”- yeah, most people say that or even have such thoughts going through their minds.

The times we refer to the Praise & Worship session as being glorious and superb, do we mean the songs were melodious and probably dance-able to or do we mean the Holy Spirit was evident? John 4:23 affirms the kind of worshipers God desires- those who worship in spirit and in truth- definitely has nothing to do with our flesh.

It’s not just about worshiping in songs, do our lives worship God too? When we worship Him, are our minds and souls connected to Him? He expects us to worship Him with our entirety, the primary purpose for our creation is to worship God, we were created for His pleasure. He actually finds substitutes when we fail to worship Him the right way. There are practical ways we should show God how much we love Him- which are acts of worship.

  1. Through prayer.

As Christians, we pray everyday, at least that’s how it should be done. The way we reverence God in our prayers is an act of worship. Putting God first and affirming who He is through prayers is an act of worship to Him.

  1. Through paying of tithes

You get a beep on the phone and it’s a credit bank alert, who comes to mind first? What and who do you want to settle first? If it’s God through paying your tithes, then you are right! The truth is it is God that has made this money available for you, acknowledging that by putting Him first in every of your income is an act of worship to Him.

  1. Studying the Bible daily

We know more about God through His word, so reading & studying His word daily creates the urge to desire His presence always which is an act of worship.

  1. Total obedience and Faith in Him

God is glad when we obey and trust Him completely.  Obeying God is worshiping God, because it’s an of acknowledging that He owns and controls your life. Having faith in Him is His desire, little wonder he was Abraham’s friend. Read more about obeying God here.

  1. Sharing your faith and building a relationship with other Christians

This is why there’s a worship service in churches- a gathering to share and relate with other Christians, this is an act of worship, as long as it brings glory to God. Also, sharing your faith with non-Christians (evangelism) brings glory to God.

  1. An attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving even when things are rough and tough isn’t foolishness, it’s just an act of telling God that He’s capable of the situation. Most times, God allows such things to happen to see how much we really love him. So, an attitude of gratitude always is an act of worship.

  1. Living a life of purpose

We please God when we live according to the purpose he has created us for.  We all have reasons why God created us and to know why, you just have to submit your whole being to Him, He will tell you in one way or the other. He created us for his pleasure, which is to always worship Him.

Worshiping God is pleasing God in every area of our lives. Let’s have this mindset from now on and live each moment with consciousness of God’s presence. He will never abide where His name isn’t glorified.



4 thoughts on “The Lifestyle Of Worship: 7 Practical Ways It Should Be Done.

  1. I really love reading these points and totally agree however I believe that this should be an individual thing, that’s just my opinion I don’t believe in following certain religions or bible. I believe in having a good contact with good, regularly praying and attending church not even every sunday but whenever you feel like having a chat with god or just need that spiritual peace. You wont catch me studying bible or attending church every sunday. I like to go church when theres no one there so it is just me and god. I pray every morning, evening and throughout the day. I’m expecting a little baby girl in april, my family are Christians my fiancé’s are Sikh therefoe weve decided to show her both sides and she can decide what she wants to be in the future. I dnt like people labelling themselves neither. As long as you believe in god and you thank him for everyday you live. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my coment this is my personal view. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, xXx

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  2. Thanks so much for helping us understand that there is a whole lot more to True Worship than just singing and dancing.The points you highlited really reveal the depth of how one should understand God even though you can not attain a complete understanding of God because His ways are not are ways and neither are His thoughts like ours.Basically I believe anything that gives God pleasure including Living a life of obedience in rightousness and also not despising the gathering of the brethren which is a tool for spiritual edification and personal check in your journey as an identified member of the body of Christ are ways by which we worship God and you have rightly pinpointed that there is more to it.Thanks once again for sharing Ma’am.

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  3. Great post and lovely blog, Tinuke.

    “Worshiping God is pleasing God in every area of our lives.” basically summarised it – worship should be a lifestyle.


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