5 Rules I Have Adapted To From Schooling At Babcock University

This is a lighthearted post, it’s necessary to have fun one time or the other right? We tend to be too serious at times which rips us of seeing the fun and good things we’re surrounded with. I’ve been a busy bee these days.

Judging from the post title, you can tell I graduated from Babcock University, Nigeria. Schooling at a private university isn’t as “cheap” as most people think, it annoys me most times when people say “oh, you guys aren’t so smart, a 3rd class from a federal university is equal to a first class student in a private university.” I try, really well, to ignore such comments, because I sincerely don’t think it’s worth arguing over.

Life at Babcock University was more like living each day with caution so as not to be suspended or expelled. In as much as I enjoyed my schooling there, there were some rules that I just wondered the need for. Amusingly, I have stuck with these rules, not deliberately, they’ve just become more like a lifestyle for me. My friends and classmates seem to have bounced back to the lifestyle they’ve had before Babcock, but I still find myself “looking” like a BU student.

There are just 5 of the rules that I seem to have unconsciously adapted to.

  1. No earrings.

Don’t get me wrong, I wear earrings quite well. I’m just a big fan of studs, it wasn’t that way before I gained admission into BU, I had some dropping earrings. But now? I go for studs. Another issue, I forget to put them on most times or I forget to take them off before going to bed.

Lol. When I discovered I would no longer wear earrings when I gained admission, it felt like I would start looking ugly (hahahahahaha, I wonder why). So, it’s suffice to say I have adapted to the “no earrings” rule by sticking to studs- I actually find them prettier, forgetting to put them on or take them off.

  1. Short hair

Whatever hairstyle you make, it mustn’t be longer than the shoulder length, that was the rule. I remember I made “Ghana weaving”, it was really nice. Come to think of it, I obeyed the rule oh, by packing the hair in the “donut” style. Then one beautiful morning, a porter asked me to loosen the “beautifully packed donut “, I did, the braids were longer than the shoulder length, that was how my fine Ghana weaving braids lasted for just a week.

How I’ve adapted to that- I don’t fancy long hair. I’m a fan of bob braids, short wigs, and so on.

  1. Dragging my skirt to reach my knee.

Your skirts/dresses must be about 2 inches below your knee. So, it was a habit for ladies to drag their skirts as they walk, just to make it seem longer. This became a habit to the extent that even if the skirt is long enough, you still drag it a little just to be rest assured, lol. If you don’t do this well enough, your beautiful well fitted skirt will be seized and you might never see it again, well except on someone else.

Now, I still drag my skirts when I walk, unconsciously of course. I wear short dresses oh, but I just find myself pulling the skirts.

By the way, I graduated in 2014, its been 3 years and I still do that.

  1. Minimal make-up

Well, people make up quite alright. The issue was the use of eyeshadows and lipsticks. My Mary Kay lipstick was actually seized the day I used that, I thought it wasn’t obvious, not until a porter called me, asked me to go bring the lipstick after offering me tissue to clean it off, that was how I lost it ( the nice porters give back the seized items when the semester is over).

I love make-up on people but I don’t find myself trying it on. After applying powder, mascara and a little dab of lip stain, I’m good. I use foundation once in a while though. Well, a professional make-up artist having my face to “perform on” isn’t a bad idea. You wouldn’t get any make-up tip from me though, I watch YouTube videos actually, so you might get one or two tips.

  1. No trousers

Trousers weren’t and still aren’t allowed. I love trousers on some ladies, especially when well accessorized. I have just two I actually don’t wear. I’m a fan of dresses, I get the feeling it looks better on me than trousers. So I guess that’s the reason behind it.

So, that’s it guys! I enjoyed my life at Babcock University. I met my closest friends while I was there and had some other interesting experiences.

I plan to have more lighthearted posts on the blog. Subscribe so as to never miss one.


13 thoughts on “5 Rules I Have Adapted To From Schooling At Babcock University

    1. Hahaha yes oo. I wonder what the long hair had got to do with academics, but oh well, we had to obey. Lol. It seemed “impossible” when I was aware of the rules, but then I had no choice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😀


  1. Tinuke thank you for surviving and telling the story, not that I considered Babcock University but its good to hear such information from a student or former student. The 5 rules you’ve listed are alright exception of the trouser rule, trousers are my best escape.
    Nice post, I can’t wait to read more.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It seems like I could have adapted well to your school rules, because frankly, out of choice, I actually go by almost all the rules. I’ve only put on stud tiny sized pearl earrings steady for like 3yrs now. I actually have a box with about 6pairs or more. For when one ear hole gets missing, I replace without worry. I prefer dresses/skirts to trousers, so those are my go-to outfits. Pls, I believe midi length/ past knee length is the new cool (short dresses/skirts are old school unless they’re free/big sized. Lol

    But make up and hair, nah. Lipsticks are my favorite makeup accessories and I’m mostly on big hairdos.


  3. This post was really nice! I attend Covenant University, so I can relate with some of what you went through. I can´t wait to read more of your posts.


  4. I never liked Babcock university mostly because of what people said about it
    I felt they had the most annoying rules ever especially when I found out that what I loved the most was what was restricted
    I know of someone who left the school because of their rules
    But after reading this, I look forward to attending Babcock university and abiding by the rules
    I think this will help me get more focused in school
    Thanks so much


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