4 Aspects Of Our Lives That Shouldn’t Be Compromised

Maybe it happens to just me, but changing environment has affected my consistency on the blog. I’ve gotten used to that corner in my room and so moving to another city entirely and trying to settle down has taken me away from here, but not anymore! And so, i apologize for the inconsistency. Wow, it’s almost been a month! Happy April 🙂

As humans, we could get carried away with life and what it has to offer- in regards to being settled financially, maritally and career wise, thereby setting aside other important aspects of our lives- not deliberately, at least in most cases. Most people get married and in a way cut off friends, all in the name of being safe. Yes, there are some kind of friends that should definitely be cut off- the bad advisers- but you should have a few you can rely on and hang out with once in a while.

What about an unemployed Christian who after securing a job finds it hard to make time for Church services? The thing is in most cases, it’s totally understandable because of the work-load and the insufficient time to have cater for oneself. But would such person consider leaving the job, especially after years of searching and applying? He/she’d likely nullify such thoughts.

A typical example is my Dad, he had to resign at his place of work because it wasn’t making him have time for the Church. Being a Pastor, he had to tender his resignation letter at work. It was a tough decision though, at least for my mom and siblings, but there are some things that should be sacrificed for some others.

The aim of this post is to identify 4 keen areas of our lives that shouldn’t be nullified or compromised, in other words, they are as important as whatsoever we might have placed above them.

  1. Time with God. This is unarguably the most important aspect of our lives, we wake up each morning and what comes to mind is praying to God. It definitely shouldn’t be something done when the time is sufficient or when it comes to mind. Time spent with God individually and with other people shouldn’t be set aside or reduced. And whatever is taking such time away from us is definitely not worth it. Personally, a day I rush out of the house not observing my devotion, I end up either being stressed out, lost something, get disappointed or just feel incomplete.
  2. Time with family & friends. Whether we agree or not, these set of people mean so much to us, they shape us in a way. I don’t think anything should take us away from them, even if it’s a weekend, appreciate them. Find time to call and send them messages and once in a while, visit. Don’t wait till it’s time to get married, then you start making calls to friends you’ve not seen or heard from since you graduated from the University so you could invite them, it doesn’t speak well. Remember Doug Harris in the movie “The Wedding Ringer”? No friends at all! Had to hire Jimmy as his best man.
  3. Time to rest. Yes please, this is equally important. Most of the time we fall sick, it’s just adequate rest that’s needed, not even drugs. I’ve heard of some people that are hypertensive and they still go to work every day of the week (even weekends), no time to rest. They get back from work late and sleep for 4 hours( which should be up to 8) and off they are to work again, is it worth it? God instituted rest, after working for 6 days, He rested on the 7th, this implies the importance of observing a good rest.
  4. Time to think/be creative. We can’t deny the fact that we have ideas in our heads which would make us great if only we make them happen. Now, a super busy person can’t have time to turn these ideas into plans (well, except of course, he/she is super busy doing so). There are talents and skills instilled in us, we should create time to utilize them and even make a living out of them. Making money doing what you love is definitely one great experience. Also, time to meditate is important.

That’s all guys. What other aspect of our lives do you think should not be compromised? Share with me, please 🙂

Have a blissful weekend.

PS: Happy Easter!!! Who could love us more than Jesus does?

4 thoughts on “4 Aspects Of Our Lives That Shouldn’t Be Compromised

  1. I was thinking about this early today! Started a new job in March and for the whole of March, I was not able to go to Church. It was quite amazing that I never left disconnected from God because of the habit I have formed to study my Bible every day. Nevertheless, I missed my church’s teachings! Ugh.

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