The Unintentional Blog Break & 5 Reasons Why A Blog Break Is Needed.

Okay, so it’s been two months since my last post. Blogging has been so precious to me- makes me feel really good, especially when I publish a post and get acknowledged by readers, so my “running away” was really unintentional. The best friend kept reminding me to publish a post but I’d just roll my eyes thinking of what to possibly write about and just say “okay yeah I will,soon”, it’s somewhat amusing because I have up to 5 posts written down and I just wonder why I’m not ready to publish them. Laziness to type, maybe, because right now, I’m typing this post and not writing it down first – which was an advice from a blogger friend, because someway ,somehow, I become lazy to type.

So, my blog break wasn’t intentional but necessary. I realized reasons why it’s needed anyway. Let’s dig in!

  1. To gain more appreciation for your blog

I’ve realized a break creates this passion to start again and even better. So when you begin to feel bored and less appreciated, take a break, let your absence increase your love for the blog. While I was away, I got positive comments which made me crave publishing posts again and again but I guess that wasn’t sufficient for a ‘come-back’.

  1. No motivation of any sort

This was a major reason I’ve been off blogging. What was I to do? just copy and paste someone else’s post or publish irrelevant and less impacting posts? No, I’d rather stay quiet. When you feel uninspired and unmotivated, it’s totally needed and advisable to take a break rather than post irrelevant things or even engage in plagiarism.

  1. To reassess & understand why you started

Is blogging something you’re passionate about? If you had no sponsor, affiliate links or any other means of making an income out of it, would you still blog with passion? Would you still create useful content? If your answers to these are positive, then you should get back with that energy! Blogging is hard work and it just has to be a passion of yours to really enjoy it.

  1. Important projects to work on

Especially when there is a deadline that’s close by, you should take a break to give your apt attention to such projects. It’s possible to get inspired and the need to create some useful content for your readers jumps in but you don’t want to create a less developed and shallow post – you’d wanna just publish and get back to your work, which might lead to some minor mistakes you’d have taken much time to check. So, a break is needed in such situation.

  1. Personal relationships are being affected

This just popped up in my head. Its possible your undivided attention and commitment to your blog begin to affect some precious relationships. It’s better to take a break and sort things out, we’ll always need people to rely on, our friends and family are very important as well.


So, these are my reasons for a blog break. What other reasons are you aware of? Please, share! Thanks for reading.

P.S: I have a lot to read relating to School work, which might slow down my thinking of amazing posts to share with you guys. So, please, help with some ideas on what you’d love me to write about. It will really help. In other news, I’ve missed your comments! 🙂

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