What Does Handwriting Say About Your Personality? 

I was in my first year in Secondary School when I started getting lovely comments about my handwriting, it meant a lot to me then. It got to an extent I was called upon by a teacher to her office, I started ruminating on what I must have done.
Apparently, we had just written a test on the subject she taught, so I thought I must have a made a big blunder that required seeing what I had looked like.

On getting to her office, she wasn’t the only one there which made things worse, they were about 4 teachers. I greeted them and one of them said “oh, it’s you? The quiet girl”, I found out they wanted to see the face behind the “lovely handwriting”. “Lovely” because that was the way my teacher described it. Prior to that, I got comments from my fellow classmates, which was a big deal until I got from 4 teachers, it was a great deal! Don’t forget, this happened when I was JSS 1.

Lecturers in the University dictating notes without taking note of slow writers happened to be in the one I attended. I wouldn’t categorically call myself a slow writer, definitely not a fast one either. So, to take notes in class was definitely tasking and I felt it made my handwriting somewhat ugly. Contrarily, my friends kept saying it was nice and neat, wondering how I do/did it (it still happens). Well, I didn’t care, legibility is the watchword. I’m sure you’re quite anxious to see my handwriting, Lol,  it’s just an handwriting, nothing special. 

I prefer the pen. There is something elemental about the glide and flow of nib and ink on paper – James Robertson. 

The study of handwriting is called Graphology. Professional graphologists exist and they’ve carried out their research to study what handwriting say about one’s personality. Studies show that these experts have been able to track criminals through handwritings. There are some features in handwriting that tells what kind of personality the writer possesses. This handwriting and personality analysis is according to Professional graphologists.

Here are 9 features of handwriting that tells the kind of personality. 

  • Letter size.

Studies show that the size of your letter reveal your personality in terms of being an introvert or extrovert. Looking at a standard sheet of paper (lined), if you write tiny letters that do not reach the top shows you’re an introvert and have a timid personality. If you write with large letters that reach the top line, you’re outgoing and confident.

  •  Word spacing.

If you write with little spacing in between your words, you don’t like being alone, like being among others and tend to be intrusive. If you’re the generous type and you write with a generous amount of space, you like freedom and independence.

  • Pen pressure.

Do you apply a heavy pressure when writing? Well, it shows you’re a committed individual. If you apply a very heavy pressure, studies show you are uptight and react quickly to criticism. A light pressure on the pen denotes sensitivity and empathy.

  •  Dotting your ‘i’s’. 

This is an interesting one and quite sensitive. Studies show that those that place the dot high have imaginative personalities. Those that write it off to the left tend to procrastinate. You could have a childlike quality when you place a little circle instead of a dot. Using a dash is typical of overly critical individuals. Apparently, it’s only emphatic and organized people that place the dot firmly above the ‘i’ when writing.

  •  Crossing your ‘t’s‘.

Of course, this has to be a feature since the previous one is included. “Dot your i’s and cross your t’s”. The way and length of the cross on this letter shows another dimension on your personality. The long crossers are determined and enthusiastic while the short crossers are lazier.

  • Writing speed.

I would say this depends on the situation, I believe this analysis is based on writing without any pressure- I mean probably a test on writing speed or when words are being dictated by a lecturer that would never repeat him or herself. In a normal situation, a quick writer is impatient,  dislikes delays or time wasters. A slow one is more organized, methodical and self reliant.

  • Signature.

The illegible ones speak of someone that is private and difficult to understand while a readable one shows self confidence.

  •  The way it slants.

When you write and it slants to the right, studies have shown you like to meet and work with new people  while a left slant shows you prefer to keep to yourself and tend to be reserved and introspective.

  •  Rounded or Pointed letters? 

The rounded letters show creativity and artistic ability of the writer while the pointed letters show an intelligent person who might be holding back aggression.

What do you think about this analysis? Is it accurate for you?  It’s quite difficult to draw conclusions as we often change our handwriting style due to our mood as mentioned earlier. For me, the pen I use tells on how the writing will turn out.



P. S. In the course of the research, I discovered that if slant of your handwriting changes on a piece of writing, that is, you start a sentence with a right slant and end it with a left, there’s a chance you’re lying. Quite interesting.

P. P. S. For me, I wasn’t shocked when I found out the kind of personality I possess due to the analysis,  I was rather amazed because they are all true! What about you?

8 thoughts on “What Does Handwriting Say About Your Personality? 

    1. I forgot to mention i had people photocopy my note and then looking at the copy, i fall in love with myself for such an handwriting, lol. Thanks for reading and commenting dear. I’m sure your handwriting is lovely too 🙂


  1. Very interesting post.

    The analysis was quite accurate for me oh! Everything they say about my writing describes my personality. Lol.

    My writing is also definitely affected by the width of the pen I’m using. Slimmer pens are my preference.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yaaaaay! We’re two i know the analysis is accurate for. yeah! slimmer pens are my preference too, they give this sleek and neat outlook. Thanks for stopping by, Oma! 🙂


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