30 Words To Use Instead Of “Very”.

Most times, we want to express how deep we feel about something, so we use the word “very”. I still do that.  I don’t know, i think it just sort of showcase how serious you are. Learning and efforts to get better at writing has helped me to realize it isn’t “professional”.

A very important rule of writing is making use of simple words that would communicate better to your readers (it’s not cool to open the dictionary 4 to 5 times on a paragraph). Also, another rule is the avoidance of fluff words, such as ‘very’, ‘really’ or ‘little’

There are a lot of words that could replace the addition of “very” to the original word.

30 Words to use instead of ‘very’.

  1. Very often- Frequently
  2. Very old- Ancient
  3. Very Painful- Excruciating
  4. Very rich- Wealthy
  5. Very sad- Sorrowful
  6. Very simple- Basic
  7. Very poor- Destitute
  8. Very old fashioned- Archaic
  9. Very shy- Timid
  10. Very quick- Rapid
  11. Very accurate- Exact
  12. Very cute- Adorable
  13. Very fast- Swift
  14. Very noisy- Deafening
  15. Very tired- Exhausted
  16. Very smart- Intelligent
  17. Very huge- Colossal
  18. Very pretty- Beautiful
  19. Very funny- Hilarious
  20. Very smooth- Sleek
  21. Very quiet- Hushed
  22. Very weak- Frail
  23. Very hungry- Starving
  24. Very hurt- Battered
  25. Very loose- Slack
  26. Very exciting- Exhilarating
  27. Very expensive- Costly
  28. Very excited- Thrilled
  29. Very difficult- Arduous
  30. Very dry- Arid

What other words do you know of? Do you add ‘very’ a lot just for emphasis? Please, Let me know what you think 🙂



10 thoughts on “30 Words To Use Instead Of “Very”.

  1. Oh yea! Most times, the word “very” preceding an actually word is usually found in our lexicon. A word that can be used instead of “very angry” is “furious” while another word which can be used instead of “very ugly” is “hideous”. Thanks for the enlightenment Dearie.

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