International Peace Day! 7 Simple Rules for a Peaceful Living. 

It’s the International day of Peace and I’m glad, not just because it’s important to have peace dwell amongst us as individuals and nations but also because it’s more like a celebration of my Masters degree program (yeah, I’m studying Peace and Conflict studies).

I didn’t think twice about publishing a post today, it was compulsory for me. I chose to study the course not because it sounds good, I am not sure it does even. 

My interest for the course started the year I got my BSc admission. My mom had mentioned it and I developed keen interest but at that time, there was no university in Nigeria that had it for an Undergraduate degree. So it was a no brainer that I chose it for my Postgraduate studies.

It’s a significant day for the world, I must say. Of course it shouldn’t be just a day in a year that should remind us of how peace is significant. We should live with the consciousness and dwell in the actions that will bring sustainable peace.

Peace experts emphatically say that peace CAN’T be achieved in a society, instead conflict can be managed. Why?  There will always be a conflict of interests, which is the bedrock for conflict.

Peace isn’t just about the physical realm. Is there peace in our individual lives? psychologically, is there peace? Do you live in fears? Is your mind at peace?

Peace can’t be achieved in the world if it doesn’t start with you, your inner self. So it’s suffice to say that Peace starts with us, it is then that it can spread and reach the world at large.

There are rules for everything, if there aren’t, life would be much more confusing. Rules are guidelines to follow to achieve a desired result. Now to achieve peace on the individual level, there are rules to follow.  

1 Don’t compare your life to others. This is one “peace stealer” I know of, stop comparing yourself to others, you have your life to live, take care of it by not allowing other people’s lives to dictate for you.

2 Make peace with your past. We all have pasts, could be very horrible, but living in that past forever is worse than having a bad past. Forgive your past. There’s nothing even wrong with a bad past, it’s essential for a brighter future. Don’t allow the past to affect your present. Live in the present and make good out of it.

3 What others think of you shouldn’t get to you. It’s expected that people would give negative comments, but it happens to everyone. Don’t let it ruin your happiness. Everyone is allowed to think and give their opinion but don’t allow anyone ruin your happiness.

4 Meditate often. This is one way of connecting to your soul, it could be through journalling or just being alone and reflecting. It allows for self reflection and the discovery of what really matters. You get inspired and great ideas could reach you. 

5 Speak and think in positive terms. Your words and thoughts should align with that of Peace. It’s not easy to have all round positivity running through our veins but it’s achievable. It takes discipline, self control and determination.

6 Stop over thinking. Trust me, you don’t own all the problems in the world, and even if you do, over thinking would do no good.

7 Be patient. Time heals almost everything, a problem today would be a story to tell and laugh over tomorrow, it just takes patience and the right actions.

Bonus tips. 

  • Give to give, not to receive.
  •  See the good in people. 

Celebrate peace everyday by imbibing these rules. Peace starts with you. 

Thanks for reading. 



P. S. I’m starting my exams soon and will be busy reading. In other words, blog posts won’t be regular. Thanks for understanding. Wish me well. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “International Peace Day! 7 Simple Rules for a Peaceful Living. 

    1. Awww the blog missed you too. It’s a thing, it’s just beginning to evolve, pple are beginning to see the importance and are going into it.
      Yes oo it’s a mighty stealer, doesn’t even solve anything.
      Thank you dear. Trust me I’m in love with the course. Really appreciate dear.


  1. Peace and Conflict studies sounds interesting. Mostly ebcause it’s not something you hear everyday about what someone is studying. It’s seems like you’d have to study a lot about wars, and tradeoffs. I’m actually finding it a fascinating read I must say. You’ll do well in your exams since your passion would match your strife.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s actually interesting and the real fun is the fact that it’s a multidisciplinary course. Trust me, lot of wars, local and international conflicts and how to proffer solutions. Oh, I’m elated, thank you so much Oluchee.

      Liked by 1 person

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