Independence Day: 10 Things To Love About Nigeria. 

First off, a quick fact! Check out the Map of Africa, the location of Nigeria can be likened to the position of the trigger on the gun. So, it’s suffice to say that Nigeria is the “trigger” of Africa. 

I was inspired to write on this some minutes to 12am, I had no intention to publish any post, but then, Nigeria is 57! The truth be told, there are so many things going on in the country that could make you wish you were born in some other country.

Remember the period of fuel subsidy? It was pretty difficult at that time. Surprisingly, Nigeria specializes in Petroleum, that’s one “selling point” we have been blessed with.

How then do we have to pay so much for what we own? Why the increase?

Recession! Well, we’ve been told we are out of this and I really hope so. Salaries are being owed and workers are being sacked or their remunerations reduced.

Many at times, I hear people complain and curse the country. Then I begin to wonder how they expect to have anything good out of the country when they have nothing other than negativity to say about it.

Yes, there’s a kind of justification to the negative affirmations, but that isn’t the transformation the country needs. Things aren’t going on well, solutions are needed, not more difficulties.

A lecturer once said Nigeria would have been better if it was still under the colonial rule. You wouldn’t understand this until you read Chinua Achebe’s “There was a Country“.

Nigeria is a beautiful country, blessed with various cultures. There are better things to look out for, which would give us a hope of a brighter future. If I tell you I’ve never wished I wasn’t born and bred in Nigeria, I lie. But I’ve learned to accept and see the good things (just like you should do in every situation-view the bright side).

There are so many things to love about Nigeria and I’ve made a list of 10 of them.

1  So far, there has been no outbreak of war. Trust me, if this occurs, we would be unbothered about the political and economic issues of the country and wish the war just stay away.

2  There’s a great level of freedom in Nigeria. A renowned Pastor came to preach in my church as a guest minister and mentioned that he was posted to Dubai. On getting there,he discovered that one mustn’t set up a church. When there’s a meeting, they would have booked a space in an hotel prior to the time. Again, they have to be careful as not to get caught by the lawmakers. Here, churches are available on every street. You have no excuse of not going to church, there’s one around you.

3   There are opportunities everywhere. There’s this sense of creativity we possess as Nigerians, we create a hustle out of everything. There’s always a need and we’re good at making it a source of income. Still on that, the opportunities lurking in Nigeria is uncountable. Recently, I thought about the fact that it isn’t so difficult to make money in Nigeria, just find a need and proffer a solution.

4  Nigeria is blessed with different cultures. With over 250 ethnic groups, Nigeria is one country I know exudes uniqueness with its diversity in cultures. Amazingly, the Europeans are beginning to learn and speak Yoruba. How cool!

5  We are talented and smart! Have you taken note of how much Nigerians excel overseas? Name any sector, be it education, agriculture, health,sports and the rest, do your research adequately and see if you wouldn’t find any Nigerian on the list of success stories.

6  The tax system is good. The federal government doesn’t impose heavy taxes which even makes it easy for foreigners to work in Nigeria. The labour force isn’t burdened to pay heavy taxes which is a plus!

7  The Food! This just has to be on list. And if you’re a Nigerian, you know this. There are different mouth-watering delicacies in Nigeria and you just need to have a taste to understand.

8  We are resilient and happy. No matter what we go through, we find a way to make ourselves happy. Isn’t that wonderful? Take note of how the Independence Day will be celebrated. We don’t allow the problems control us. We have that power to adapt to any situation.

9  We have great values. I know this because I was brought up from a typical African home. You can’t be raised up in Nigeria and do some certain things – talking back to your parents/elders, not showing any sign of respect or courtesy for elders (I’m sure you understand). Family is highly recognized too, we jump at any chance to have a reunion.

10  We love and fear God.  Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world. Of course, you can’t be surprised. I remember some months back when Nathaniel Bassey organized a live video on instagram for a month just to praise God, you want to know how many people participated? I really don’t know the statistics but they were a lot! He organized another love video that started some minutes to 12am on the Independence Day and the people that joined were 7000+. You see how much we love God? There are various examples that point to this fact.

I’m proud to be a Nigerian and I know this is just a phase, the greater days are ahead. I believe we need good governance to start with. I believe everything will fall into place after that.

What do you love about Nigeria? If you had an opportunity to change your nationality, would you?

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! Happy 57th.



P.S. This year’s independence day falling on a Sunday isn’t a mere coincidence. It is a sign that the sun will shine on Nigeria again. Amen, somebody?

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