10 Moments That Would Instantly Make Your Day. 

I hope it’s not examination fright, but for some days now, I sit towards the end of the day and get somewhat angry at how the day had gone void of fun. I’m an introvert, a chronic one, but trust me, I like fun too. Fellow introverts, do I speak your mind? 

I’ve come to realize that fun is relative. Staying indoors and dancing all by myself could be fun to me, it could be boring to you. In this case, let’s just say our days should be filled with whatever makes us happy.

There are moments and there are moments! Moments you wanna disappear and reappear in a more comfortable zone and moments you feel you’ve never or couldn’t be better. However reserved an individual may be, there are moments that would always brighten the day of such person. 

Actually, these are moments that would definitely make me grin all day, even if you insult me after one or more of such moments occur. But then, I know you will feel the same way if you experience such moments.

Without further ado, here are 10 moments that would make my day, and yours too 🙂

  • Receiving credit bank alerts.

I definitely want to know more about you if this wouldn’t make your day. I’ve been receiving some alerts lately. Yeah, but what do you think? Credit alerts? sobs No, it’s my bank deducting bank charges for some services I ordinarily shouldn’t be charged for. You know that feeling when you receive a credit alert, it would definitely make your day.

  •  Compliments

You look good. I love your outfit. You smell good. I love your smile. These and many more make my day. The interesting thing is it helps to build confidence. Also, when you’ve been given awarded a task and you’re commended for a job well done. You feel you own the day. Not that the day this doesn’t happen, you feel bad oh. Well, except of course negative comments were passed. But who says anything still? Well, nothing beats being admired by a few people. Did I just type that? What do you think, credit alerts or compliments? 

  • Ticking off tasks

Such fulfilling feeling! I’m making efforts to stick to writing tasks for the day, it kind of makes the day easier to tackle-having all you wanna do on a piece of paper and just looking through them. My forgetful self respects this tip. I could have plans to buy a pen while I’m out, the next time I remember, I’m probably about to go to bed. So you see why it’s great for my life.  Then, having carried out the tasks stated for the day, you tick them off with pride. Lol.

  • Walking into a banking hall or an ATM stand with no queue (and then people come right after you)

Hehe, this sounds unlikely in Nigeria, but it happens. Interestingly, if this happens, it’s either the ATM (Automated Teller Machine)  isn’t dispensing or you’re just lucky. In a banking hall, even if you come in with a sight of no queue, trust me, look well, there are some people on the seats. Being on a queue for hours is frustrating. So, imagine walking into a banking hall or an ATM stand functioning well and you’re the first on the queue. Sweet.

  • Making new wonderful friends

I mentioned my chronic introvertedness earlier. I could appear as a snub and give you a look of how much I love my privacy, but making new friends make my day. I’ve made a few blogger friends and sincerely, they make this little corner of the internet worth it. It’s okay to say I’m bad at making friends, more reason why making some a day brightens up my day.

  • Receiving a phone call or text from a loved one(s)

We all have people we love and cherish. Be it parents, siblings, fiance, husband, wife and friends, some people would always make us smile and laugh hard. So, obviously, receiving a phone call or text messages from them would make the day worth it. It could be that special someone winks. What do you think of waking up to a lovely text message from him/her? Yeah, I know.

  • When you’re famished and you’re offered your favorite meal.

Please, what else could be better? Well, at that moment, nothing else! You’re so hungry and worked up and just right there, your favorite delicacy literarily walks up to you. It sure makes everyone’s day. Or you get home tired and from the point of entry into the house, you smell the goodness of your favorite meal, please, why won’t this make your day?

  • When the scorching sun goes down when you have to trek somewhere.

We know how the sun isn’t needed for a pleasant skin. When this happens, you feel you’ve made to trek at that particular time-seeing that the sun stepped down for you. I have some dark spots on my face and in the course of my research on how to make them disappear, the sun is one thing I should avoid. And since a moisturizer with SPF isn’t a “run to get” item, I’d just stay away from the sun till I get one. When I do, I’d probably dance in the sun.

  • Having your room rigorously tidied up

This includes your wardrobe of course. I scatter a lot when it’s time to look for what to wear. And then arranging the clothes back becomes a daunting task, yes. But there’s always a day you dedicate yourself to your room’s cleaning. When this is done, you sit and smile to yourself. Lol

  • Finally, getting that job, getting that approval and the likes would definitely make you feel good.  It could be expected or unexpected, the phone beeps and that soothing message shows!

It was really fun writing this post! What do you think?

How many of these can you relate to? What other moments make your day? I’d love to know your thoughts. Thank you!



P.S: Writing and publishing this post has actually made my day. Guess what would make it better? Sharing your thoughts and the post itself. Yes, that’s all. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “10 Moments That Would Instantly Make Your Day. 

  1. Very Incisive post dear. You know there is this feeling of fulfilment that comes upon you when you tidy your room and it’s looking all cleaned up and shiny. I love that feeling though. good read!


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