Self-love: 10 Ways To Treat Yourself. 

Loving oneself can’t be overemphasized, I mean, you expect someone else to love you more than you love yourself? There’s this line I have come up with and will keep saying to myself – No one loves you more than I do. 

Obviously, God’s love supersedes ours. Its greater than however anyone can love us and how much we can love ourselves. Just to state a tip of the iceberg, who else can sacrifice his son to save you? However, loving ourselves is a requirement as one of God’s commandments is to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

Why is self love necessary? Most times, we want to feel loved by our family and friends and we wind up disappointed because we can’t control them and how they feel towards us. Often times, we live for others and show them so much love but don’t get such in return.

Self-love comes in when you have to pump the energy you desire from other people in yourself by yourself. It is a necessity to live abundantly. You just do what makes you happy.
There are a lot of ways we can treat ourselves. I have come up with 10 simple ways to treat yourself in the art of self-love.

1 See a movie

It’s no news that some people are so busy with work they don’t even remember they have a TV let alone remember a Cinema exists. Take a moment to relax and see a movie, it could be in the comfort of your home or at the cinema with some friends.

2 Get enough sleep

This is in line with the previous point. Make out time to re-energize yourself through adequate sleep. It isn’t that pill you need most times, you just need to lay down and rest. I don’t joke with this and I’ve come to realize that every headache is a warning signal. I don’t take drugs, I just sleep. It works.

3 Re-read a favourite book.

We all have one, including the individuals that think they don’t have the flair for reading. There’s always a book or novel that just gets it. It never gets old, read again. A bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers, for me.

4 Eat your favourite meal.

Yes please! It might not be your favourite considering those that don’t have favourites but love a variety of meals. Treat yourself by preparing a meal you love and get down with it!

                                              I want!

5 Listen to your favourite music.
Again, we all have some of them. I have a lot of songs on my phone but I have some favourites I listen to over and over without getting tired.

6 Take a hot or cold bath.

This is according to your preference. For me, a hot bath is it. Dancing and singing while bathing is one I do, of course, that’s if I have a lot of time. Who else does this?

7 Watch entertaining videos on YouTube.

This could be comedy, tutorials or lifestyle videos. For me, I watch the three. There are times you just want to laugh, learn or get inspired. YouTube is one platform I love, I marvel at how there’s virtually nothing you can’t find on it.

8 Make some time for your skin.

Not like you don’t on a normal day. But some special kind of rituals are performed some other days.  There’s this DIY exfoliating scrub I can’t wait to try,  it’s a mixture of lemon and brown sugar.

9 Take a long walk with a loved one.

Short of words on this. But you know how amazing this is.

10 Go shopping.

There’s always a list of things to buy. Make out time and explore the market.

These are the things I’d do to treat myself. What about you? Please, share.



P. S: Do words look wrong to you often times? I mean, you write a word but then it looks wrong to you and then you ask someone else if it is correct. Lol, it happened to me while writing this post. Please, who has an idea of why it happens?

11 thoughts on “Self-love: 10 Ways To Treat Yourself. 

  1. Actually, I love you more than you love yourself. You know that right? lol. Another incisive post, thanks for this compilation dear, I have tried most times to make others happy above myself, but sometimes the effort one puts into that ain’t worth it. In the end, its gonna be me, myself and I right….

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