How An Exam Question Made Me Think Hard.

It’s funny how we were made to believe that education is all we need to succeed. It doesn’t matter what else you have in mind,  you just need to be educated to get that life you’d dreamed of.

Have you ever imagined how our grandparents would have reacted to our parents’ decisions to be a footballer, fashion designer and the “hobby-like” occupations? The term “no future ambition” would have been the new words of greeting. Law, Medicine, Engineering, Accounting and some other courses were recognized as the ones you study to ‘succeed’.

Things were pretty smooth for the older generation. I remember being told of how a ‘Youth Corper’ was treated like a VIP when he resumed at his state of duty. An official car came to pick him up and his salary was quite attractive, that he had a lot to take back home. Hehehe, it isn’t like that anymore. At least, I’m certain no one would come with a car to pick you up. Getting a job wasn’t a daunting task too, in fact, most of them were retained.

Now, we have embraced this education with all our studying and dedication. In fact, you’re a graduate. The success should flow in then, isn’t it just education that is needed? But unfortunately, you apply for jobs with no positive results. Some are lucky to get jobs, most likely, through connections.

Let’s call this generation a creative one. We’re creating jobs and having fun still. Truthfully, we all can’t be entrepreneurs.

Not all of us are creative, some decide to go further in academics by getting a Masters degree. Well, the thing is some people run the program to get a better chance at getting their dream job while some just consider it an alternative to staying at home without a job.

Back to me, that was just a needed introduction. So, I just rounded up my exams and I expect results that would make cheeks reach my eyes. My lecturers are quite unpredictable but amazing. You know practicing past questions is one tip students have imbibed and will always do in preparation for exams. Well, the past questions helped but the lecturers had their surprises well planned out.

A particular course which is more like my favourite, had a thought-provoking question as a compulsory one.

Why are you enrolled for this Master’s degree programme? In what significant ways does this course contribute to the realization of your goals?

On seeing the question, people started clearing their throats, some were laughing and some just didn’t know where to start from. Funny enough, it isn’t a difficult question and at the same time, it is.

One could answer the question properly still. As long as you know the course outline and listen well during lectures, you could write something meaningful.

But, sincerely, answer the question within you.

Why do you do what you do? 

The question would be rather difficult for the people that decided to come while away time. In making decisions, there should be a reason, a concrete one that resonates with our plans. We shouldn’t jump at opportunities and regret later on.

What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts.



12 thoughts on “How An Exam Question Made Me Think Hard.

  1. I totally agree with you dearie. I believe most actions you take, if not all must be driving you towards your goals and purpose in Life, which is why it is important we design goals for ourselves at an early stage of our lives (before a youth clocks 25 years of age I feel) and work tirelessly to achieve them regardless of whatever obstacle our immediate environment has placed before us. Wonderful post dear!

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