We Have Moved To TinukeAwe.com!!!

Hello beautiful people!!

Starting a blog is one of the best decisions I have made so far. It was and still a way I literally do what makes me happy. I’m elated to be back and better!

I’m sorry for the long break, trust me, I wasn’t completely sane not being here, creating and communicating with you. I have explained better in the recent post on my new blog. Please check it out.

This is a short post to inform you that I have a self-hosted blog now and believe me, it can’t go grow without you. You have stayed with me on this platform, read and shared your thoughts, I’m so grateful.

I had the plan of maintaining this site and just getting rid of “wordpress” in the URL, or so I thought. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Hence, the need for this post. It was somewhat painful as I was worried about losing my amazing readers. Then, a friend suggested publishing a final post here informing you about the new site, and if you actually do enjoy and are inspired by my posts, you’d meet me there! Oh yeah? Fine.

So, my people, you enjoy reading my articles, right? Yeah? Great! Then, let’s do this. Subscribe to the new blog, Tinukeawe.com. As I mentioned earlier, there is a post explaining what I’ve gone through in the 6 months I’ve been away and stating topics the blog will be centred on.

Thank you so much! I’ll be expecting you.



Some Good Stuff Hiding Under Some Other Good Stuff. 

If the title of this post caught your attention, then I have succeeded. I’m sure it will be worth it, don’t worry.

I started blogging with the aim to inspire and impact everyone positively. As at the time I started, the blogosphere wasn’t as large as it is now (at least, that’s what I think). Continue reading “Some Good Stuff Hiding Under Some Other Good Stuff. “

Social Media Comparisons and How to Stop. 

With the increase in social media platforms and the level of connectivity these platforms create, there is no gainsaying to the fact that social media as a whole is here to stay. Can it ever die down and another trend take over? No, I don’t think so.

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How An Exam Question Made Me Think Hard.

It’s funny how we were made to believe that education is all we need to succeed. It doesn’t matter what else you have in mind,  you just need to be educated to get that life you’d dreamed of.

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What Jesus Tells Us About Worry.

Some days ago, I was bitterly worried about a money-related issue. It got to me so much that I had to rant to a close friend, saying some bad things I shouldn’t have and wondered why God allowed such situation. I can’t say I forgot God’s promises and ability to turn situations around, I just needed a quick one.

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