4 Important Lessons From Jesus’ Calming Of The Storm. 

The preacher in Church this last Sunday shared a testimony about how his wife had 4 miscarriages and a still born. He went further to say he was slightly angry with God and wondered why such would happen. At times, you wonder why bad things happen to good people especially those that serve God diligently, but the thing is this, God is God and He does what pleases Him. He indeed works in mysterious ways.  Continue reading “4 Important Lessons From Jesus’ Calming Of The Storm. “

Public Speaking: My Experience & Some Useful Tips.

Writing over speaking any day and anytime, but there are times you have to relate what you’ve written to people which leaves you no choice but to master the art of public speaking. I realized I had to get used to public speaking when I was in the University while running my first degree, with group presentations. I’d bury my head in the paper and read all through Continue reading “Public Speaking: My Experience & Some Useful Tips.”

Move At Your Pace: A Short Story.

You have the intention of getting a new phone,but the funds available isn’t sufficient and then you manage the current one (that is in a really manageable condition), till you get enough money for the new one. Then on a seemingly bright and happy day,  the phone falls and the screen breaks, causing the phone to shut down totally. Then you seem desperate to get a new phone since it will be a waste of time and money repairing the phone. This happened to me!!!  The annoying part?  I was already typing an amazing blog post when this happened. So,  this has been the cause of the hold on the blog.

I need a new Phone!

Happy New Month! July is my birth month and I can’t just wait till its 29th,  even though I have little or no plans, considering the fact that exams are around the corner. I know this doesn’t stop some kind of celebration. Well, let’s see.

Who else thinks 2017 is running rather fast? I mean it’s the half of the year already, I still remember typing the first blog post in the year. Well, I like it, let this year leave soon and even next year!  Don’t ask me why. There are just some phases in life I wanna be done with already.

I have a short story to share.  It’s about I and my friend, a story that speaks so much (at least for me). We were both at the ATM (Automated Teller Machine), there were 2 queues and I stayed on one that seemed fast, my friend stayed on the other and I gave that “you’re not serious, I won’t wait for you” look. I really didnt know why he stayed on that queue, funny thing is he didn’t know either. I had three people in front of me and he had about 6 in front of him, you see what I mean? He was unbothered, but I still urged him to come join me. And you know when people stay at your back, no one can just come and claim “we came together”. I had other people at my back and it was too late for him, he didn’t want to come anyway.

Did i hear you say you don’t know what an ATM is? Lol

The amazing thing!  The person just before me spent up to 10 minutes withdrawing cash, and within this time, my friend was the next on the queue he was! I smiled and thought about something immediately-it doesn’t matter how far behind you are, as long as you remain on your line, you will meet up at the right time. My friend ended up waiting for me.

Most of us get depressed when people we know, especially our mates, reach great heights and we still struggle with somethings. We wonder why we can’t be like them, we see their pictures with their cars, husbands/wives, at their offices, with their children and then we just murmur and complain at seemingly far behind we still are.  The thing is our purposes differ, our journey in life differ and we are different!  As long as we are happy and comfortable with what we engage in, sooner or later, we will prosper. All that’s needed is consistence, diligence and a close relationship with God.


Your friends are getting married and you’re yet to, doesn’t mean they are better off. Do you know what they are going through?  The beautiful pictures you see doesn’t explain what’s going on with them, the pictures are just their own way of communicating with the world, not everyone will tell you the bad side of their life, it’s the good part they will let you know.

Move at your pace and get better each day. The truth is, in life, some will move quicker than some others, but trust me, it doesn’t make them better off. You know what your dreams are, keep at it. Focus on You.



The Unintentional Blog Break & 5 Reasons Why A Blog Break Is Needed.

Okay, so it’s been two months since my last post. Blogging has been so precious to me- makes me feel really good, especially when I publish a post and get acknowledged by readers, so my “running away” was really unintentional. The best friend kept reminding me to publish a post but I’d just roll my eyes thinking of what to possibly write about and just say “okay yeah I will,soon”, Continue reading “The Unintentional Blog Break & 5 Reasons Why A Blog Break Is Needed.”