Fire Outbreak: My Experience, Common Causes and Precautions. 

I can never forget the tears that rolled down my mother’s face,never. We were in another city on a vacation-just to spend some quality time with my dad who worked away from home.  Continue reading “Fire Outbreak: My Experience, Common Causes and Precautions. “

ASUU Strike X September Goals. 

It’s September already.
This year is actually running fast. At the beginning of the year, I started my Masters Programme, which I believe I should have started in 2016, but I was too relaxed I guess.  Continue reading “ASUU Strike X September Goals. “

Blog Posts I’m Loving This Week #1

I love blogging!

There are wonderful blog posts all over the world, it’s amazing how people sit, think and create useful, interesting and fun contents. You’re welcome to the first episode of this series, I’m sure we will enjoy this together. Continue reading “Blog Posts I’m Loving This Week #1”

5 Rules I Have Adapted To From Schooling At Babcock University

This is a lighthearted post, it’s necessary to have fun one time or the other right? We tend to be too serious at times which rips us of seeing the fun and good things we’re surrounded with. I’ve been a busy bee these days.

Judging from the post title, you can tell I graduated from Babcock University, Nigeria. Continue reading “5 Rules I Have Adapted To From Schooling At Babcock University”

The Mystery Blog Award

Few days ago, I discovered that 2017’s calendar is the same with my year of birth, I knew the year will  be an interesting one for me.  I was tagged by Oreoluwa of Oreoluwa’s blog for The Mystery Blog Award. This is actually the first award I will  receive since I started this blog and I’m really excited about it. Doing what what you love and being recognized by wonderful people is amazing. Continue reading “The Mystery Blog Award”