Social Media Comparisons and How to Stop. 

With the increase in social media platforms and the level of connectivity these platforms create, there is no gainsaying to the fact that social media as a whole is here to stay. Can it ever die down and another trend take over? No, I don’t think so.

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Discovering Your True Self.

It took me a while to discover my true self. It could be that I had no idea what it meant or I was ignorant of how to.

I’ve always aspired to be a Medical Doctor while I was younger, even though my performance in Sciences implied otherwise. Still, being in a Medical profession appealed to me so much.

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Quit Trying To Please Everyone and The Reasons Why. 

I recall an incident where I declined a request- I did this jokingly, just to tease for a little while- I was indifferent about the request, but I was scared of rejection, I didn’t want to be hated. Surprisingly, he appeared unbothered about my refusal and said “I respect your decision”. I felt good and in control.

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30 Words To Use Instead Of “Very”.

Most times, we want to express how deep we feel about something, so we use the word “very”. I still do that.  I don’t know, i think it just sort of showcase how serious you are. Learning and efforts to get better at writing has helped me to realize it isn’t “professional”. Continue reading “30 Words To Use Instead Of “Very”.”

Public Speaking: My Experience & Some Useful Tips.

Writing over speaking any day and anytime, but there are times you have to relate what you’ve written to people which leaves you no choice but to master the art of public speaking. I realized I had to get used to public speaking when I was in the University while running my first degree, with group presentations. I’d bury my head in the paper and read all through Continue reading “Public Speaking: My Experience & Some Useful Tips.”