5 Rules I Have Adapted To From Schooling At Babcock University

This is a lighthearted post, it’s necessary to have fun one time or the other right? We tend to be too serious at times which rips us of seeing the fun and good things we’re surrounded with. I’ve been a busy bee these days.

Judging from the post title, you can tell I graduated from Babcock University, Nigeria. Continue reading “5 Rules I Have Adapted To From Schooling At Babcock University”

Get Inspired: 25 Quotes About Writing!

Whenever the question, “What are you naturally good at?” is asked, nothing else comes to mind asides writing, it actually hurts in some way to possess just that as a skill, most times, I put my brain to work and just try to figure out something else I’m good at. Yeah yeah, there are some others but writing stands out, at least for me. Continue reading “Get Inspired: 25 Quotes About Writing!”

The Lifestyle Of Worship: 7 Practical Ways It Should Be Done.

In this part of the world, we attribute the art of worship to the slow and solemn songs coupled with the slow waving of hands, is that what worship is all about? It’s true God desires worship from us daily but is it restricted to singing solemn songs with closed eyes? Definitely, this means the non-musical individuals don’t really know how to “worship” God or they’ve not been doing it the right way, which isn’t the case. Continue reading “The Lifestyle Of Worship: 7 Practical Ways It Should Be Done.”

15 Valentine’s Day Riddles & Jokes

So, it’s Valentine’s Day and probably most of you have set plans for the day, going out on dates, giving and receiving gifts while some of us would just enjoy the comfort of our home, and shower ourselves with some self-love (very needed). For me, it’s gonna be some self-love and some love for my friends and families. Continue reading “15 Valentine’s Day Riddles & Jokes”