International Peace Day! 7 Simple Rules for a Peaceful Living. 

It’s the International day of Peace and I’m glad, not just because it’s important to have peace dwell amongst us as individuals and nations but also because it’s more like a celebration of my Continue reading “International Peace Day! 7 Simple Rules for a Peaceful Living. “


Quit Trying To Please Everyone and The Reasons Why. 

I recall an incident where I declined a request- I did this jokingly, just to tease for a little while- I was indifferent about the request, but I was scared of rejection, I didn’t want to be hated. Surprisingly, he appeared unbothered about my refusal and said “I respect your decision”. I felt good and in control.

We’re all people-pleasers, we’re scared of being rejected, we want to feel loved and wanted. Continue reading “Quit Trying To Please Everyone and The Reasons Why. “

The Time I “Thought” I Had Appendicitis.

I got back home after my NYSC(National Youth Service Corps) in the late 2015. Things were going on well until I started feeling excruciating pains on the right side of my tummy.

Honestly, before then, I’d only heard of people going through surgical operations to remove appendicitis. The scar is always a signal.

Continue reading “The Time I “Thought” I Had Appendicitis.”

30 Words To Use Instead Of “Very”.

Most times, we want to express how deep we feel about something, so we use the word “very”. I still do that.  I don’t know, i think it just sort of showcase how serious you are. Learning and efforts to get better at writing has helped me to realize it isn’t “professional”. Continue reading “30 Words To Use Instead Of “Very”.”

ASUU Strike X September Goals. 

It’s September already.
This year is actually running fast. At the beginning of the year, I started my Masters Programme, which I believe I should have started in 2016, but I was too relaxed I guess.  Continue reading “ASUU Strike X September Goals. “