15 Valentine’s Day Riddles & Jokes

So, it’s Valentine’s Day and probably most of you have set plans for the day, going out on dates, giving and receiving gifts while some of us would just enjoy the comfort of our home, and shower ourselves with some self-love (very needed). For me, it’s gonna be some self-love and some love for my friends and families. Continue reading “15 Valentine’s Day Riddles & Jokes”

Should You Wash Your New Clothes Before Putting Them On?

During my Youth Service days, my friends and I would go to a shopping mall with the intention of purchasing nice clothes for ourselves. Then, we would pick every outfit that appealed to us, even though we plan on just buying 2 out of the 10 of them, to the dressing room to have a glance of how it would fit on us. I’m certain we weren’t the only ones guilty of that habit. Continue reading “Should You Wash Your New Clothes Before Putting Them On?”

On The Road To Success: 6 Questions You Should Find Answers To.

I stumbled on a picture on Instagram where someone wrote “January was a free trial month, my year starts on the first day of February”, I smiled. Really, that might be the case for most of us- the resolutions and all sort. I guess we spend January making them all up and then we start trashing them out when February starts! Continue reading “On The Road To Success: 6 Questions You Should Find Answers To.”

How To Make A Good First Impression.

Most people, if not every one, will judge you within a few minutes of meeting you and their opinion about you at that point, whether good or bad, will be somewhat difficult to change. Inwardly, you might mean well, but your appearance and attitude might mean otherwise, which would definitely affect people’s outlook about you. Continue reading “How To Make A Good First Impression.”