What Jesus Tells Us About Worry.

Some days ago, I was bitterly worried about a money-related issue. It got to me so much that I had to rant to a close friend, saying some bad things I shouldn’t have and wondered why God allowed such situation. I can’t say I forgot God’s promises and ability to turn situations around, I just needed a quick one.

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Why God Hasn’t Answered Your Prayers (Yet)

It is very disheartening when we don’t receive answers to prayers, we begin to wonder if prayers are actually even necessary at all, most times, we doubt and question our relationship with God. Have you ever had to question God’s words in Matthew 7:7, “ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”? Or even in Isaiah 65:24, “…before they call, I will answer; while they are yet speaking, I will hear”? When we don’t get answers to our requests, we begin to wonder if he has ignored us. Continue reading “Why God Hasn’t Answered Your Prayers (Yet)”

5 Ways To Get Closer To God

Year by Year, most people resolve to get closer to God by studying His word daily and praying without ceasing, it’s not far from the truth that as it works for some others just fine, some others find themselves straying away from the resolution, sooner or later, of course not deliberately, but the closeness to God isn’t concrete yet. Continue reading “5 Ways To Get Closer To God”

A Note on Giving X My Testimony

Let me begin by sharing a memorable experience. On a very beautiful Sunday afternoon, I left for a Youth event and left (actually forgot) my purse in my mom’s bag. I got a free ride to the venue, so I hadn’t noticed. Not until it was time to give offering and I began a thorough search in my bag, nothing! I was lucky enough to find 400 Naira (two 200 naira notes). I thought on what to do, if I drop one of the notes in offering bag, the other note wouldn’t be sufficient to get back home.

The offering time was almost over when I dropped one of the notes, with the mindset that God wouldn’t leave me stranded after giving to Him. I had no airtime on my phone to call anyone (bad enough). Continue reading “A Note on Giving X My Testimony”

It’s Okay to Cry

There is always a time in life we are confronted with tensions and sufferings, faced with difficulties of life. As Christians faithful to God, we wonder why. We, often times question God; “why me?” Thinking about it thoroughly, you discover it’s the really faithful ones that encounter a lot of challenges, and then they just wonder why such things happen to them. Is it happenstance or there is a mysterious reason why? Continue reading “It’s Okay to Cry”