Blog Posts I’m Loving This Week #1

I love blogging!

There are wonderful blog posts all over the world, it’s amazing how people sit, think and create useful, interesting and fun contents. You’re welcome to the first episode of this series, I’m sure we will enjoy this together. Continue reading “Blog Posts I’m Loving This Week #1”

I Am Guilty. What About You?

I’m guilty of leaving my phone charging on the bed and sleeping off.
I’m guilty of forgetting to turn off the pressing iron a times.
I’m guilty of not praying over my food before eating.
I’m guilty of plying roads everyday (the good and bad ones) .
I’m guilty of picking up calls close to the cooking gas. Continue reading “I Am Guilty. What About You?”

Meeting the Master’s Standard

Okay, I know it’s been a while here, there are so many things going on. Not here to bore you with that.

I was privileged to attend a youth convention which was on for 5 days. The theme for the convention was VESSELS UNTO HONOUR. I’m yet to recover from the excitement of attending this particular program, I’ve learned a lot. Continue reading “Meeting the Master’s Standard”

7 Sequential Steps To Reaching Destiny

Happy September! The year is gradually coming to an end and if you’re yet to achieve your set goals, stay focused and don’t lose hope, a whole lot can take place within the 4 months left. There are two things involved; it’s either it’s on its way or this isn’t the year for it. Whichever way, stay focused. Continue reading “7 Sequential Steps To Reaching Destiny”

5 Challenges Most Young Writers Face

Let me start by admitting I face most of these challenges and I’m making efforts to get past them. Most times, I don’t even consider myself a writer, because I get stuck on what to write about. But then, there is something we’re all good at, at least, something! Writing has always been that thing for me, the times I get stuck on ideas, I wonder why I’m not good at something else. There are other things I enjoy doing (hobbies), but there’s this feeling I get when I write (joy, maybe). The moment I don’t know what else to write, I wonder if I am really good at it. Continue reading “5 Challenges Most Young Writers Face”