30 Words To Use Instead Of “Very”.

Most times, we want to express how deep we feel about something, so we use the word “very”. I still do that.  I don’t know, i think it just sort of showcase how serious you are. Learning and efforts to get better at writing has helped me to realize it isn’t “professional”. Continue reading “30 Words To Use Instead Of “Very”.”


Blog Posts I’m Loving This Week #1

I love blogging!

There are wonderful blog posts all over the world, it’s amazing how people sit, think and create useful, interesting and fun contents. You’re welcome to the first episode of this series, I’m sure we will enjoy this together. Continue reading “Blog Posts I’m Loving This Week #1”

The Unintentional Blog Break & 5 Reasons Why A Blog Break Is Needed.

Okay, so it’s been two months since my last post. Blogging has been so precious to me- makes me feel really good, especially when I publish a post and get acknowledged by readers, so my “running away” was really unintentional. The best friend kept reminding me to publish a post but I’d just roll my eyes thinking of what to possibly write about and just say “okay yeah I will,soon”, Continue reading “The Unintentional Blog Break & 5 Reasons Why A Blog Break Is Needed.”

3 Keys To Being Productive While Working From Home

Most times i make up my mind to type blog posts ,my bed keeps “calling my attention”. I don’t think there’s any human who hates the comfort of the bed, i mean…who would? But then, you have to get to work, stay productive and have positive results.

Entrepreneurship is taking the lead in this generation of ours, we all love the “I’m my own boss” kinda thing. While most people have their own work environment quite far from their home, some others prefer working from the comfort of their home. Continue reading “3 Keys To Being Productive While Working From Home”

6 Tips on how to deal with Inconsistency

Surely, at some point in our dealings, we’ve gone through (or going through) this inconsistency problem, you engage in something and you look forward to carrying on with it the next day , and then, just like that, other things get in the way. Of course, it isn’t deliberate, but it just happens. And then, gradually, you let that act slip away, finding it challenging to make out time for it. Continue reading “6 Tips on how to deal with Inconsistency”