4 Important Lessons From Jesus’ Calming Of The Storm. 

The preacher in Church this last Sunday shared a testimony about how his wife had 4 miscarriages and a still born. He went further to say he was slightly angry with God and wondered why such would happen. At times, you wonder why bad things happen to good people especially those that serve God diligently, but the thing is this, God is God and He does what pleases Him. He indeed works in mysterious ways.  Continue reading “4 Important Lessons From Jesus’ Calming Of The Storm. “

The Most Important Thing About The Season.

There are so many issues we cloud our minds with; what to wear, what to eat, how to acquire more money, and so on. We just want to accumulate more in every aspect. Some even act like they’re going to leave this world. Too many unimportant issues are given the highest priorities.

Christmas is here and we are all bothered about the clothes to buy, shoes to get, the hairstyle to make, food to eat, and so on. Yeah, we consider all these and many more as activities attached to the season which just makes the whole thing memorable and fun filled. But are all these the most important? Continue reading “The Most Important Thing About The Season.”

Positive Affirmations: He Has Made Us Fit

The evolving world has undermined the significance of the sacrifice, suffering and death of Christ, making us (the believers) dependent on our personal performance to succeed or make it through. Most times we want to engage in a particular thing, but because it seems “extraordinary”, most people resort to saying things like; “I’m not made for this”, “I can’t do this”, “I’m not capable” and so on. Continue reading “Positive Affirmations: He Has Made Us Fit”

How to spend an hour in Prayer

Have you always wanted to spend an hour or even more in prayer? I hear people say “Prayer is hard”, and I’m just like, “really? Isn’t it just to talk to God? We all talk”. I realized the “hardness” is in the aspect of consistency and steadfastness. Once it’s a part of you, you would never want to go a day without engaging in it.

I’ve always had the desire to spend a quality time in prayer, up until recently, I’d pray for up to 10 minutes, asking God for all I want preceded by thanksgiving and asking for forgiveness of sins, then…nothing else comes to mind, so I just conclude. Continue reading “How to spend an hour in Prayer”