Staying Happy: Things to do away with.

The ability of letting go doesn’t imply weakness, sometimes, it just means you’re strong and smart enough to let go. There are times in our lives we realize the changes we need to make; possibly, our lifestyle, environments and even relationships no longer serve our best interests or they just don’t fit into our lives anymore. This doesn’t necessarily mean that memories are not being cherished, but the need to let go of the past and start a new beginning is needed.

Trust me, I know how difficult/challenging it can be to give up what you’ve been used to for a while. No matter how little it may seem, letting go what’s familiar is somewhat difficult. To be happy, there are certain things you must give up. Continue reading “Staying Happy: Things to do away with.”

Why you should stop comparing yourself to others.

The truth is we all did that at some point, some are still doing that (well, this is for you). I was so guilty of that, especially during my secondary school days, I’d always wonder why I wasn’t as smart as most of my mates, I kept comparing and was never satisfied. Guess what? It didn’t help, I could have used the comparison positively but I didn’t, I mean I could have used it as a motivation to get better, instead I was checking for what they had which I did not (as if that’s what it takes…SMH). Apart from that, there were other times, I would wonder why I couldn’t just be like this other person, and it never brought positive results. I was just wallowing in the disability of being able to see the unique qualities I possess. Continue reading “Why you should stop comparing yourself to others.”

Positive and Inspirational Quotes for Personal Development

A lot of things can provide inspiration, be it hearing success stories, seeing people overcome adversity, the beauty of nature, hearing and reading inspirational quotes. What inspires you? It could be one or each of the above mentioned or even other things.

stay inspired

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Self-love: 5 things you should know about yourself

Happy March!

Self_loveIt’s a new month and I’m certain you have some specific plans and goals to achieve before the month comes to an end. I wish you the very best. This is just to either remind you or let you know some few things you should know about yourself, and should tell yourself every day while you go about your daily activities, plans and goals. Not only should you know this and tell yourself, but let it dwell in you and influence the things you go about with.

We are too hard on ourselves and this deprives us from seeing how amazing we are. We need to be there for ourselves, by loving and supporting ourselves. Stop envying other people’s lives, everyone is unique in his or her way. Continue reading “Self-love: 5 things you should know about yourself”