What Drives Your Life: These 5 Must Stop

Our lives are controlled by something, at least. It could be positive or negative. It’s no news that whatever drives one’s life determines how the course of such life will be and how it will eventually end. When asked what drives your life, what comes to mind? There are hundreds of circumstances, values and emotions that can drive one’s life, it could be fear, a memory or a belief. It’s certain there’s something(s) our lives are controlled by. What drives your life can exert a big effect on your journey through life. Continue reading “What Drives Your Life: These 5 Must Stop”

7 Sequential Steps To Reaching Destiny

Happy September! The year is gradually coming to an end and if you’re yet to achieve your set goals, stay focused and don’t lose hope, a whole lot can take place within the 4 months left. There are two things involved; it’s either it’s on its way or this isn’t the year for it. Whichever way, stay focused. Continue reading “7 Sequential Steps To Reaching Destiny”