What Jesus Tells Us About Worry.

Some days ago, I was bitterly worried about a money-related issue. It got to me so much that I had to rant to a close friend, saying some bad things I shouldn’t have and wondered why God allowed such situation. I can’t say I forgot God’s promises and ability to turn situations around, I just needed a quick one.

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The Lifestyle Of Worship: 7 Practical Ways It Should Be Done.

In this part of the world, we attribute the art of worship to the slow and solemn songs coupled with the slow waving of hands, is that what worship is all about? It’s true God desires worship from us daily but is it restricted to singing solemn songs with closed eyes? Definitely, this means the non-musical individuals don’t really know how to “worship” God or they’ve not been doing it the right way, which isn’t the case. Continue reading “The Lifestyle Of Worship: 7 Practical Ways It Should Be Done.”

How do you view Life? 3 Ways God expects us to.

I had a conversation with a friend recently and I asked what his view about life was, his response was similar to what most people would say, “Life is a roller coaster, there will be ups and downs”. One way and probably the best way to understand other people Continue reading “How do you view Life? 3 Ways God expects us to.”

5 Ways To Get Closer To God

Year by Year, most people resolve to get closer to God by studying His word daily and praying without ceasing, it’s not far from the truth that as it works for some others just fine, some others find themselves straying away from the resolution, sooner or later, of course not deliberately, but the closeness to God isn’t concrete yet. Continue reading “5 Ways To Get Closer To God”

The Most Important Thing About The Season.

There are so many issues we cloud our minds with; what to wear, what to eat, how to acquire more money, and so on. We just want to accumulate more in every aspect. Some even act like they’re going to leave this world. Too many unimportant issues are given the highest priorities.

Christmas is here and we are all bothered about the clothes to buy, shoes to get, the hairstyle to make, food to eat, and so on. Yeah, we consider all these and many more as activities attached to the season which just makes the whole thing memorable and fun filled. But are all these the most important? Continue reading “The Most Important Thing About The Season.”