Positive Affirmations: He Has Made Us Fit

The evolving world has undermined the significance of the sacrifice, suffering and death of Christ, making us (the believers) dependent on our personal performance to succeed or make it through. Most times we want to engage in a particular thing, but because it seems “extraordinary”, most people resort to saying things like; “I’m not made for this”, “I can’t do this”, “I’m not capable” and so on. Continue reading “Positive Affirmations: He Has Made Us Fit”

A Note on Giving X My Testimony

Let me begin by sharing a memorable experience. On a very beautiful Sunday afternoon, I left for a Youth event and left (actually forgot) my purse in my mom’s bag. I got a free ride to the venue, so I hadn’t noticed. Not until it was time to give offering and I began a thorough search in my bag, nothing! I was lucky enough to find 400 Naira (two 200 naira notes). I thought on what to do, if I drop one of the notes in offering bag, the other note wouldn’t be sufficient to get back home.

The offering time was almost over when I dropped one of the notes, with the mindset that God wouldn’t leave me stranded after giving to Him. I had no airtime on my phone to call anyone (bad enough). Continue reading “A Note on Giving X My Testimony”

Meeting the Master’s Standard

Okay, I know it’s been a while here, there are so many things going on. Not here to bore you with that.

I was privileged to attend a youth convention which was on for 5 days. The theme for the convention was VESSELS UNTO HONOUR. I’m yet to recover from the excitement of attending this particular program, I’ve learned a lot. Continue reading “Meeting the Master’s Standard”

The One (First) thing you should know about Life’s Purpose.

The desire to fulfill life’s purpose is universal, but there are many taking the wrong steps. I don’t plan to give a long list on what  you MUST do to fulfill this purpose, but to let you know the first (and probably only) thing you should know about living a purpose-driven life, which will definitely help in the journey in fulfilling life’s purpose.
What do I want to be? What on earth am I here for? What are my goals and ambitions? What are my plans for the future? These and so many other self-centered questions are what we just focus on. Maybe we have no idea who gave us this life we are so bothered about or we just deliberately leave him out of it. Continue reading “The One (First) thing you should know about Life’s Purpose.”

How to spend an hour in Prayer

Have you always wanted to spend an hour or even more in prayer? I hear people say “Prayer is hard”, and I’m just like, “really? Isn’t it just to talk to God? We all talk”. I realized the “hardness” is in the aspect of consistency and steadfastness. Once it’s a part of you, you would never want to go a day without engaging in it.

I’ve always had the desire to spend a quality time in prayer, up until recently, I’d pray for up to 10 minutes, asking God for all I want preceded by thanksgiving and asking for forgiveness of sins, then…nothing else comes to mind, so I just conclude. Continue reading “How to spend an hour in Prayer”