Self-love: 10 Ways To Treat Yourself. 

Loving oneself can’t be overemphasized, I mean, you expect someone else to love you more than you love yourself? There’s this line I have come up with and will keep saying to myself – No one loves you more than I do.  Continue reading “Self-love: 10 Ways To Treat Yourself. “

Discovering Your True Self.

It took me a while to discover my true self. It could be that I had no idea what it meant or I was ignorant of how to.

I’ve always aspired to be a Medical Doctor while I was younger, even though my performance in Sciences implied otherwise. Still, being in a Medical profession appealed to me so much.

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10 Moments That Would Instantly Make Your Day. 

I hope it’s not examination fright, but for some days now, I sit towards the end of the day and get somewhat angry at how the day had gone void of fun. I’m an introvert, a chronic one, but trust me, I like fun too. Fellow introverts, do I speak your mind? 

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What Drives Your Life: These 5 Must Stop

Our lives are controlled by something, at least. It could be positive or negative. It’s no news that whatever drives one’s life determines how the course of such life will be and how it will eventually end. When asked what drives your life, what comes to mind? There are hundreds of circumstances, values and emotions that can drive one’s life, it could be fear, a memory or a belief. It’s certain there’s something(s) our lives are controlled by. What drives your life can exert a big effect on your journey through life. Continue reading “What Drives Your Life: These 5 Must Stop”

Birthday Post: 21 Lessons Learned So Far

Hey! Guess who’s a year older? ME! I’m aware of the fact that one’s birthday is probably the only day in a year to do whatsoever he/she likes, hence the reason for my “out of the blues” post. Continue reading “Birthday Post: 21 Lessons Learned So Far”