The Time I “Thought” I Had Appendicitis.

I got back home after my NYSC(National Youth Service Corps) in the late 2015. Things were going on well until I started feeling excruciating pains on the right side of my tummy.

Honestly, before then, I’d only heard of people going through surgical operations to remove appendicitis. The scar is always a signal.

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Should You Wash Your New Clothes Before Putting Them On?

During my Youth Service days, my friends and I would go to a shopping mall with the intention of purchasing nice clothes for ourselves. Then, we would pick every outfit that appealed to us, even though we plan on just buying 2 out of the 10 of them, to the dressing room to have a glance of how it would fit on us. I’m certain we weren’t the only ones guilty of that habit. Continue reading “Should You Wash Your New Clothes Before Putting Them On?”

How often should you replace your daily stuff?

Have you ever wondered how long a product should last for, I mean, of course, a product without the expiry date on it? Well, I have and found out how guilty I am. It felt like I’ve been using expired products without even knowing. These little things most people don’t count seriously tell a lot on our health, sooner or later.

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8 Reasons you feel tired always

Constant fatigue is becoming rampant among almost everyone, this is due to some unhealthy living styles. There are some certain things we don’t do (and we do) that will surely result to this seemingly rampant visitor  factor.  It doesn’t have to be as a result of some medical issues, there are some basic lifestyles that should be changed to boost energy. We tend to blame tiredness on a busy lifestyle- work all day and a little or no time to rest, as much as that’s a basic factor, there are other little things we often overlook that actually tell much on the body system. Continue reading “8 Reasons you feel tired always”

Stress Management

Life isn’t something we totally control, everyone undergoes stress, what matters is how it’s being controlled. Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Pressure, most times aggravates into stress. People react to stress in different ways, what might be stressful for me might not be for you. Continue reading “Stress Management”