Pick A Book Now! 7 Benefits of Reading Everyday

I understand how entertaining reading tweets and Facebook posts are but is that all we spend time doing all day and the other day? For the benefits of our souls, this should be minimized, because I believe the information we fill our heads and minds with from the social media aren’t always appropriate. We understand how important exercise is to the body, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Continue reading “Pick A Book Now! 7 Benefits of Reading Everyday”

4 Aspects Of Our Lives That Shouldn’t Be Compromised

Maybe it happens to just me, but changing environment has affected my consistency on the blog. I’ve gotten used to that corner in my room and so moving to another city entirely and trying to settle down has taken me away from here, but not anymore! And so, i apologize for the inconsistency. Wow, it’s almost been a month! Happy April 🙂 Continue reading “4 Aspects Of Our Lives That Shouldn’t Be Compromised”

How do you view Life? 3 Ways God expects us to.

I had a conversation with a friend recently and I asked what his view about life was, his response was similar to what most people would say, “Life is a roller coaster, there will be ups and downs”. One way and probably the best way to understand other people Continue reading “How do you view Life? 3 Ways God expects us to.”

25 Amazing Life Hacks You Should Try Out.

I was surfing the net recently and I found out some amazing life hacks that will definitely make things easier. I was actually researching for a solution to a little task and found out a lot of interesting tips and hacks that will make my daily activities less stressful and interesting even. Continue reading “25 Amazing Life Hacks You Should Try Out.”