4 Aspects Of Our Lives That Shouldn’t Be Compromised

Maybe it happens to just me, but changing environment has affected my consistency on the blog. I’ve gotten used to that corner in my room and so moving to another city entirely and trying to settle down has taken me away from here, but not anymore! And so, i apologize for the inconsistency. Wow, it’s almost been a month! Happy April 🙂 Continue reading “4 Aspects Of Our Lives That Shouldn’t Be Compromised”


Unexpected Changes: 6 Ways to Cope

No matter how much you try to control what goes on with you, it’s difficult to control this thing called “Change”, it just occurs, either in the positive or negative way. Most times, this change comes unexpected and ruins plans. Though, you can’t control these changes, but there’s something you can control-how you react and cope with it. It can be really hard to adjust to, but look at the bright side, we can’t possibly be on a spot and keep going in circles, we need to grow and learn. I understand how it can be really challenging, especially when it is unexpected and even unwanted. Like I stated earlier, how you react and cope really matters and with these tips, you’ll be able to get through and come out just fine. Continue reading “Unexpected Changes: 6 Ways to Cope”