Quit Trying To Please Everyone and The Reasons Why. 

I recall an incident where I declined a request- I did this jokingly, just to tease for a little while- I was indifferent about the request, but I was scared of rejection, I didn’t want to be hated. Surprisingly, he appeared unbothered about my refusal and said “I respect your decision”. I felt good and in control.

We’re all people-pleasers, we’re scared of being rejected, we want to feel loved and wanted. Continue reading “Quit Trying To Please Everyone and The Reasons Why. “

Public Speaking: My Experience & Some Useful Tips.

Writing over speaking any day and anytime, but there are times you have to relate what you’ve written to people which leaves you no choice but to master the art of public speaking. I realized I had to get used to public speaking when I was in the University while running my first degree, with group presentations. I’d bury my head in the paper and read all through Continue reading “Public Speaking: My Experience & Some Useful Tips.”

Pick A Book Now! 7 Benefits of Reading Everyday

I understand how entertaining reading tweets and Facebook posts are but is that all we spend time doing all day and the other day? For the benefits of our souls, this should be minimized, because I believe the information we fill our heads and minds with from the social media aren’t always appropriate. We understand how important exercise is to the body, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Continue reading “Pick A Book Now! 7 Benefits of Reading Everyday”

7 Ways To Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolutions.

Happy New Year Beautiful People!

I’d still say 2016 was rather fast, but oh well, it’s over already and it’s the beginning of another year. Last year was well spent, amidst the national challenges, there are still so many things to be grateful for.

It’s more like a tradition to have resolutions at every beginning of the year, we make up our minds on some decisions and promise ourselves to fulfill them. As much as I think it is necessary to have New Year’s resolutions, I also think it doesn’t just have to be at the beginning of a new year. Continue reading “7 Ways To Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolutions.”

Why you should stop comparing yourself to others.

The truth is we all did that at some point, some are still doing that (well, this is for you). I was so guilty of that, especially during my secondary school days, I’d always wonder why I wasn’t as smart as most of my mates, I kept comparing and was never satisfied. Guess what? It didn’t help, I could have used the comparison positively but I didn’t, I mean I could have used it as a motivation to get better, instead I was checking for what they had which I did not (as if that’s what it takes…SMH). Apart from that, there were other times, I would wonder why I couldn’t just be like this other person, and it never brought positive results. I was just wallowing in the disability of being able to see the unique qualities I possess. Continue reading “Why you should stop comparing yourself to others.”