Pick A Book Now! 7 Benefits of Reading Everyday

I understand how entertaining reading tweets and Facebook posts are but is that all we spend time doing all day and the other day? For the benefits of our souls, this should be minimized, because I believe the information we fill our heads and minds with from the social media aren’t always appropriate. We understand how important exercise is to the body, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Continue reading “Pick A Book Now! 7 Benefits of Reading Everyday”


Inspirational Dissatisfaction

inspirational diss

So I was a reading a book and I stumbled on the term “Inspirational Dissatisfaction”. Interesting, isn’t it? Yeah I know. Reading shouldn’t just be for the fun of it, apart from widening one’s knowledge, it’s also to learn more about diction, learning new words and their meanings. I remember when I was a little younger, my dad would ask my siblings and myself to read the dictionary and we would be like “What??? Read the dictionary??” Continue reading “Inspirational Dissatisfaction”