What Does Handwriting Say About Your Personality? 

I was in my first year in Secondary School when I started getting lovely comments about my handwriting, it meant a lot to me then. It got to an extent I was called upon by a teacher to her office, I started ruminating on what I must have done.
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Get Inspired: 25 Quotes About Writing!

Whenever the question, “What are you naturally good at?” is asked, nothing else comes to mind asides writing, it actually hurts in some way to possess just that as a skill, most times, I put my brain to work and just try to figure out something else I’m good at. Yeah yeah, there are some others but writing stands out, at least for me. Continue reading “Get Inspired: 25 Quotes About Writing!”

5 Challenges Most Young Writers Face

Let me start by admitting I face most of these challenges and I’m making efforts to get past them. Most times, I don’t even consider myself a writer, because I get stuck on what to write about. But then, there is something we’re all good at, at least, something! Writing has always been that thing for me, the times I get stuck on ideas, I wonder why I’m not good at something else. There are other things I enjoy doing (hobbies), but there’s this feeling I get when I write (joy, maybe). The moment I don’t know what else to write, I wonder if I am really good at it. Continue reading “5 Challenges Most Young Writers Face”